The best speaker cables you’ve had

Simply put, the best you’ve owned and/or heard.


After many years of various speaker cables, I’ve settled on Analysis-Plus Solo 8 copper crystal. Straightwire Crescendo is very good, slightly warm. And XLO Reference 5 a great used bargain but quite stiff. I own and use all in my systems. The Harmonic Research Pro 9 , 9+ is neutral and deserves mention as well. All can be found used but for less than $1k. which is where I "play".

There are definite synergies in systems.


Benchmark Media Systems 3' w Speakon and banana connectors, pair for each mono block.

Iconoclast TPC are fantastic cables if you’re a soundstage and detail freak. I could easily live with these given careful matching with the rest of the gear.



I’ve listened to Shunyata Alpha and Sigmas, Audioquest Thunderbirds, Oaks, and Dragons, Nordost Odin 1, Wireworld Silver Eclipse, Tara Labs, High Fidelity, Audience, and a couple more. I own Clarus Crimson speaker cables.

The best without considering cost were AQ Dragons. In my opinion the Clarus Crimson offer the best value, coming very close to the AQ Dragons in my system.