The best sounding music streamer/DAC on the market

Is it Aurender, Auralic, Lumin or something else? Interested in opinion of someone who carefully compared 2 or more models, comparable functionally, and price wise. The criterium is sound quality and musicality.
Super personal though. Talk more about your preference of gear. Audio Research or Conrad Johnson? Which is you?

Also, what streaming services do you want to use, and are you iPhone or Android?
1. Tuned amps, specifically Atma-Sphere
2. No streaming whatsoever, playing from portable hard disks only
3. iPad
I have the Lumin A-1 with Tidal and a Synology NAS.  I love the Lumin App.  It is so easy to use.  You don't need JRiver or Roon.  I just added an EMM Lab DAC thinking my sound would substantially improve.  So far I am not hearing that much of an upgrade over the Lumin.  
I had a Lumin S1.  Best I ever heard.  Sold it like an idiot to chase another audiophile dream...that didn’t work out.  Now have a Lumin U1 connected to a PS Audio Directstream DAC.  I think I’m happy again.
@sfseay How would you compare that U1 + DS combo vs the S1?  
Unfortunately I didn’t have them both - U1 and S1 - at the same time, but I believe the S1 sounded better than the U1/Directstream DAC. I could be mistaken because ear witness testimony is unreliable with the passage of time.

I sold the S1 because I reasoned I could get a lower price Lumin and use my Directstream DAC and have as good or better sound than the S1and recoup some money I spent.  

At at the end of the day I’m happy with the U1 and Directstream DAC...but that S1 put a spell on me...
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