The best sounding FM Tuner is.....

OK Magnum Dynalab, Fanfare, Day Sequerra, etc. owners...I have no "high end" dealer in my area that carries a great tuner. I probably will not have the chance to listen to or 'a/b' compare a tuner before I decide to purchase. I'm asking anyone with comparison experience or anyone that feels that the own the best to respond in this discussion. Thanks, I look forward to reading your responses!
Any of the Musical Fidelity tuners with a reasonable antenna will give you OUTSTANDING fm sound IF the station is up to the task. Most articulate and deepest bass of any tuner i have ever heard. They easily better comparably priced Magnum Dynalab's and do not drift. No competition. Quad FM 4 sounds very good but lacks sensitivity. Not a good choice if your out in the "boonies". Like most Quad gear, it lacks bells and whistles and is high on quality sound. A good outdoor antenna will get you excellent FM for a very small portion of what a truly superior tuner would cost you. Quad used to demo these by setting up a small high fidelity FM transmitter in the shop and then comparing the recieved signal via the FM-4 to the vinyl source via an A-B switch. No difference. Sean >
Pioneer TX-9500II tuner and maybe their other TX models. Fun time is surfing the dial at night in IF narrow. Decent tuner for peanuts.
The Day Sequerra tuner. No one writes in about them because people who own them have realize time is money and tehir time is too expensive to give away for freee on the net in discussion groups.
If you can find one, definitely a Tandberg 3011 or 3011A. If you do get a Tandberg, however, have the preset switches replaced--they die after about 15 years. Once you've replaced them, and had the unit aligned, you won't believe how musical it is.