The best "no fuss" turntable for $5K or less?

I am wanting to replace my LP12 Valhalla/Ittok with a less fussy, more "set it and forget it" deck. I live in an area of the country that is a audio wasteland. There are no dealers to set up or tune up a sensitive table like the Linn. I will spend up to Super Scoutmaster money. I am interested in all suggestions.
VPI Super scoutmaster......!!!!!
You may have answered your own question. Without knowing your listening priorities and equipment, The VPI family offers a number of possibilities such as the Aries 2, Scoutmaster/JMW9 Signature/high quality cart of your choosing/SDS or Walker Motor Controller combo. all non fussy, easy to set up, they stay set up so you can stay up listening...

There are others in this price range from Teres, Avid, Acoustic Signature, but without knowing more about what you are looking for other than non fussy, in your price range there are quite a few fine choices.
you may want to check into the Nottingham Spacedeck. I personally own the Nottingham Dais, and can vouch for the fact that it is very low fuss.
I really like my rega p-9, pretty much level it and forget about it.
BASIS Turntable
I agree my Rega P9 was easy to set up and use but I found that my Galibier Gavia was just as easy with highly improved sound. If your budget is 5K with arm and cart.Galibier is introducing a deck which will sell for around 2500. plus arm and cart. I believe that this may be an excellent value and a giant killer at that price.
The bonus is that Thom Mackris is fantastic to work with.
I had bad luck fusswise with a Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm combo, fwiw. Instructions supplied were the worst I've ever seen and typical tweaking with the arm drove me insane. Did like the looks and sound and would probably heve been happy with someone else's arm tho. Good luck! Oh, ps, bought an Aries/JMW10, sound is a wash but has been set it and forget it to date and the manual is world class. YMMV.
I have had two Basis turntables, (1400 and 2001) with Rega tonearms (RB-300 & RB-900), and both have been "set it and forget it" sources. Both sounded great too.

My two cents worth.

PS With any luck, next year will see me upgrade to the Basis 2500, with a Vector M3 arm. (I like Basis TT's that much, that I want to stick with them!)
i got a used sme 10 with arm ( I think that is the 10A) for a little over 4000. It has been maintenance and fuss free and I think it sounds great.
I agree with the above posts, I have both a Basis 2001/Rega Arm and the Nottingham Spacedeck with Space Arm and both have been hassle free. Once set up you can pretty much just sit back and enjoy the music. Sound from both of these tables is excellent.
KAB modded Technics 1200. Around $950 brand new.
I have to agree with you Psych. Nothing else can touch it for the price. I bought a Rega and returned it because I was horrified by the use limitations of it compared to my admittedly tweaked to the max 1200!
Agreed on the SME 10; a fantastic table for the money and very "fuss-free".
Another suggestion is the Origin Live tables, The Aurora Gold or Resolution are very easy to set up and makes a great sound, see reviews in Stereo Times and Stereophile. I am in the UK and they are very reasonable here. I know they will cost more in the US, but a good choice. As an aside, the SME 10 is a great table, I am not sure it will be under $5000. with a decent arm in the US.
As always I am afraid, you will get more bang for your bucks buying US kit, particularly with the way the $ has lost value against the £
how about Eurolab (Scheu) Premier Mk 2 or Mk 3?
I had a SOTA Star (vacuum) for over 15 years that was absolutely set and forget! Nothing ever went wrong with that table and it held adjustments like a tank.

I thought the sonic performance was quite good as well. That said, you'll get much higher sonic performance from a SOTA Cosmos, which is just above your price limit at a new price of about $5500 MSRP.
You're back! Got some Marantz Ma-5's waiting...
All cleaned up and shiny as new!
I had the LP 12. Nice table that everybody seemed happy with. However, my analog system never sounded better than my digital. I was using Ittok with Benz Micro Glider. I purchased Super Scoutmaster Signature Plus for around 5500. I bought a used Koetsu Urushi Black from a friend and there is absolutely no comparison between analog and digital now. Before, I thought it was B.Shasta when people said analog was better. I have seen the light. No comparison. I use Sonus Faber Cremona's with Parasound JC-1 monoblocks and a Bel Canto Pre 2P. My digital front end is a Denon 5910 with Underwood Ultimate Tube Output modifications. Nordost Valkyrja interconnects. Nice setup but SuperScoutmaster with Koetsu smokes it. FYI
SOTA. Look at their offerings.
Hi Uncontop,Had a Linn Ittok for many years. Many good suggestions above...Have fun...