The best preamp for Rouge M-180

I have tested some preamps with my M-180, but I have never been 100% pleased with anyone. Dows anyone have some recommendations? I will prefer one with balanced out. This because I have a balanced cable I will use.
Hmmm, I have been very pleased with my Musical Fidelity kW linestage with my Rogue Stereo 90 (and with everything it has been paired with). A hybrid pre with a big meaty power supply and very very low output impedance.

Not balanced though. And I settled on this preamp before I got my Rogue, so I have not had the chance to swap around pres with this specific amp.

It also might help to know what you have not been 100% pleased with, and what pres you have tried.
I have tried Athena, but I taught it was too noisy, micro phonic and not lucid enough. Arc ls25 was too slow and boring. Direct from DCS Debussy, to try! This was some of them.
For a balanced preamp, have u looked at the AR LS-17 or Modwright? Very good reviews on the Modwright LS 36.5 Tube Linestage.
The 6moons review of the 36.5 is fairly comprehensive IIRC. While not a tip-to-tail balanced design, the Modwright LS100 might also be worth looking at. And the Wyred4Sound preamp also gets a lot of praise. I was very close to buying the W4S when preamp shopping, but could get my kW used for the price of a new W4S (and I am a sucker for a big power supply).
Nr9... I have not personally heard the LS 36.5, but when I was looking for a preamp, I narrowed it down to the LS 100 tube single-ended and the Rogue Perseus. I chose the Perseus Magnum based on the fact that the dealer is 15 min. from my home.
My suggestion is based on the fact you need balanced outs. But I think very highly of Modwright.
So, maybe check the archives and reviews regarding the
LS 36.5.
I don't know... I think a perfect compliment for the Rouge would be the Cosmetics LPS with eye-liner pen remote... I'd think you'd get a warmer tone with a bit more midrange blush.
Has anyone tested Aesthetix Janus Signature with Rogue M-180?
If anyone has other experience with Aesthetix Janus Signature, I like to hear about them.
The Rogue Athena or Hera would be nice. I use a 99 Magnum with my M180s but am considering upgrading.
I came a cross an Ayre k1xe. I know that this is a transistor preamp, but anyway, how will this handle the M-180?
Sorry my bad english.
I don't see any reason it might not be a good match. Usually SS preamps have lower output impedance, which is a good thing in terms of matching with amps (you want at least 10x less than the amps input impedance across the frequency spectrum).

I'd check that the impedance matches. But then it will likely be a matter of personal taste.
After a while I found a nice match. Pass Labs AX-10. Balanced and completely silent in use like my m-180. Exceptional soundstage and resolving the way i want. Jaw dropping experience. Wolder if Pass Labs amps also are that good.??? or sould I test out Bryston 3b sst2?
Nr9 hi,

If you you can use low capacitance rca interconnects (which most good ones are) the Rogue M120 and the M180 are perfect to be used with passive preamps.
As they have very high input impedance (at 1 meg ohm), so there's no need for active output stages or buffers, and they also have very high gain, so there's no need for active preamps with gain either.

So if you want to hear your source in the most dynamic, transparent way, go passive preamp with these.

Or if your not happy with the way your source sounds and want to change the sound character of it with different active preamps, (as they all have different sound colourations) then go with active preamp.

Cheers George

I've heard neither brand of the amps you are contemplating, but of the two my curiosity would take me in the Pass Labs direction, that is, if I were considering solid state.