The best POT you ever had

What is the best potentiometer you ever heard? I know some of our fellows audiophile are modifing their preamp to have better sonic results(I hope). Any of you have done this with great success? Any comment?
Dis- I've yet to find a pot that I liked. I much prefer a ladder-type stepped attenuator which places only one resistor and two contacts in series with the signal at any position. The series type stepped attenuators are usually too much of a compromise. However, these can be a pain-in-the-butt to properly assemble. Soldering skills need to be practiced before attempting these as it is relatively easy to overheat the contact pads on a lot of the switches, particularly the Shallcross. Even with all of this to consider, it is definitely a significant sonic improvement especially when done correctly with Holco, Caddock, or Vishay resistors. Good luck.
Dismalonyx, If you can find the Levinson conductive plastic pots,they are extremely good. They run about $300 and up when you can find them. Good Luck! Tom
I am currently using an Alps Black Beauty which works great. It is much better sounding and higher quality than a Noble pot I was using. Someday I might upgrade to a Penny & Giles pot, but their cheapest pot is $250.
The year was 1974 and I was at a Grateful Dead concert.
Silver Rock Transformer "Pot"
The best sonic results to date with my system was the use of the Maui-Waui! I've never been so musically involved before. Tough to find and only manufactured in a few off-shore locations.
Ah the memories, the 70's were great and what a tweek...even my midfi crown/klipsh system sounded like like like woww man