The best plug in filter ever!

Puron AC Power Conditioner by Greg Voth

After reading rave review of Puron AC plug in filter, I had got one 10 days ago.

For your information my system is very complicated with bi amping and three Farad linear supplies.

Thus I have 14 power cables, one main power conditioners, three isolation transformers.

I had tried plug in fliters from quiet lines, quartet stecker, IFI, furutech, Nordost Qv2 and QX2 fliters.

I still have all of them in my system without selling any of them.

I am collector. ūüėĀ

All of them had brought slight improvement but not drastic change.

But as soon as I inserted Puron Ac filter, it made background black with more details and clear bass.

The stereotimes review is spot on.

Encouraged by the result, I had ordered two more of them so that I can insert more of them close to amps and Dac.

Now my system got transformed with more vivid and clear sound stage but not overetched.

This is the best 750$ that I had spent during last 5 years in my audio system.




Imagine the large gauge wire we run to our systems. Then we use large gauge power cords to connect the items to the power supply.

Then all of this goes through a tiny hairlike fuse wire. Bypassing this bottleneck has got to improve the signal/power transfer.

After a few more days I will post my results. I am expecting big things!


Interested to know your results. I have replaced, just for experiments though and I don't recommend anyone do it, a fuse in my music server and tube integrated amp with a solid thick copper wire and it definitely changed the sound. I still have to run A/B test to see if its for better or not. The only problem with fusebox is it needs two power cords and if you are using expensive ones, now you need two of them. I wish they had designed a short pigtail with 15A or 20A IEC connector directly into the fusebox so that it can work with a single power cord.



Mark now sells a 1 foot long high quality power cord for $100 to go from the receptacle to the fuse box. Mark sent me a picture and it does look like high quality construction. 


I received my Puron filters the other day. After plugging them in I waited 2 hours and listened to the system. I thought they added more bass and better presentation of the sound stage. After being plugged in for 24 hours my system sounded a bit bright. Today I will listen to my system, the filters will be plugged in for 48 hours. I’m hoping they will mellow out and not sound as bright. 48 hours seems to be the magic number for these filter to deliver that magical improvement?

Once they start sounding good I will remove them from the system to hopefully realize the benefits of having them in my system.

Joe Nies

Good morning and thanks for taking a moment to read this


one of the beauties of being in the audio business for 54 years is you get to meet a lot of people that become very precious. Many years ago I met Roy Harris who is a very unique individual and somebody who truly loves the audio industry


Roy has reviewed for several publications most recently audiophilia and he really works hard at his craft.


Roy had asked me to sell him a puron which I did and he told me that he would after listening to it write a review and I was really happy about this


subsequently Roy was unable to write the review on his Chromebook and instead decided to send his review in handwritten form to me


I've dictated the review here into my word processor and although some might think this is quite duplicitous on my part I did say I would post the review for him here on this thread. My apologies to anyone who finds this offensive but I rather honor my friendship then not


the following is his handwritten notes to me


hi mark I'm having a problem composing a review on my Chromebook then I decided to mail it to you I'm very sorry to give you more work having to enter the review on a computer but I felt getting this to you is better than not getting it at all here it is


I auditioned a puron for two weeks having borrowed it from a friend before he flew to Florida after some experimentation I placed the puron into an outlet in series with my transport


I experienced many positive benefits selecting complex material such as a Shostakovich Symphony #5 conducted by André Previn I noted a wider soundstage greater separation between instruments and a greater base presence


listening to voices I observed several positive changes vocal range increased a consequence of the presence of the soundfield against my chest often I've heard works sound like words were emanating from the head I also heard a greater clarity and a more natural presentation I know this greater microdynamics from Frank Sinatra found on the recording only the lonely the overall effect was more realistic Timbers greater transparent lower noise and an absence of digital artifacts no products are perfect I would characterize the puron as having a slight tubelight character exemplified by liquidity and bloom a bit more energy in the lower mid range and base and a slight reduction of treble energy with the puron in my system listening is more enjoyable and less unpleasant musical passengers are encountered

the two salient attributes of this product I perceived are a naturalness of timber and greater base presence


I intend to purchase another puron


Roy Harris


subsequently Roy did purchase a second puron and I'm very grateful for his mini review here


I've known Roy since 1990 when Peter madnick and I started audio alchemy. I've spoken to several audio societies in New York over the years and Roy always attended he's a good friend but he's also not afraid to tell me what he really thinks regardless of how I might feel


thank you Roy for this review and your friendship




You may want to re-read your post. You mentioned he asked to you to sell you one which you stated you did.

Then in the review he states he borrowed it from a friend. Not that it really matters where it came from , it just blows up the whole post. I know you are working hard to get your credibility back and this doesn't help.