The best of Goodwill...

What the best audio related item that you have purchased at Goodwill or another similar store?

Today I was at two Goodwills and managed to find a few CDs for $3 each.

One turned out to be excellent. It's a violin concerto by Sony Classics and recorded at Air Studio's. I really enjoyed listening to it this afternoon.

Another was new and was still in the original plastic.

I know this is small beans compared to what some of you have managed to find.
I know someone who found a clean Marantz 8B at a garage sale for $75

have not been in a Goodwill store myself...
Found some really good LP's at good will stores.
I have purchased for a friend:
Marantz 2270 in great shape, still in use after at least ten years. ($25)
JBL 'classic' speakers. The woofer surrounds were damaged so I made a new surround out of duct tape, same person has them as Marantz, also still in use. ($30 pair)
Ditto NAD CD player ($5)
A couple of Dual TTs. other speakers that seemed nice I sold for what I paid to other friends.
I missed by two minutes a Denon Primary 100 disc player, the really good one. ($20)
These were from the good old days.. before rummage sales pop up on every other block with craap they bought at Goodwill and are trying to resell. And before eBay where the same thing is happening, and before 15% of the population lost thier jobs and no one is donating much worth anything anymore.
I used to also buy Lps there, but I no longer bother checking out Goodwill type stores.
A first pressing of Sticky Fingers in scratch-tick-pop-free condition, with all artwork and inserts for $0.99. 2 mono-pressings of Wilson Pickett, which have to be heard to be believed. Again, $0.99 each. Mono-pressings of early Bob Dylan. Many other lps, too. Never found any decent electronics, but for me, Goodwill has been a great place. What you find depends on where you live. I live in an area of Florida where a lot of Baby Boomers are divesting themselves of their past.
I got the Lovan rack that's in my system page for $40 from my local goodwill. What you see in my system pic plus 2 additional shelves that I use elsewhere. A little elbow grease and they look brand new. I priced them and new they'd be in the neighborhood of $400.
Dynaco ST70, PAS2, and FM3 as a set ... All for $35. All in the pre-Internet days though ....
Lots of records not just at Goodwill but at several thirft shops, I have 3 that I go to at least once a week. On certain days of the week usally Wednesday everything is 50% off so you can get records as cheap $0.50.

Some of my finds are a promo copy of Keith Richards Talk is Cheap vinyl for $1, RCA Living Stereo shaded dog and Merury Living Presence lps for $1 each, Super Tramp Breakfast in America the audiophile series MCA $1, MFSL Steely Dan Aja $1, a japanese pressing of Dire Straits Dire Straits $1. Several jazz records but they will usally keep these in a glass display at the front of the store so you have to ask the clerk for assistance and there are $3 to $5 each.
Maggie MG-1 for $80, enough polk speakers to build an HT for sister-in-law-$30, tons of cd's-mostly oldies- $3 each. Infinity BU-2 sub for the sister-in-laws system for $20. Much more but these are the latest. from family thrift in Albuquerque.
On various forums there are lots of stories about finding classic speakers, amps and such a GW and consignment stores. "I scored (fill in the blank) for $15!" Never been so lucky myself. My buddy got his wonderful Bedini 25x25 for $250 at a pawn shop. That was pretty sweet.
Calbrs- nice score on the Wilson Pickett!
I scored a nice Rotel pre and have seen some very good turntables there.
Lots of LPs. several six-eye labels. Hendrix, Stones, etc. Something I really appreciate (to a fault sometimes) is the classical music offerings. I am not too familiar with what to look for, but for a buck, I am willing to buy and try. I have found some fabulous music which allows my system to shine brightly in other genres besides Jazz, bluegrass and rock and soul.
Of course, books.
Spending $ is good for the community and the soul.
All I've ever seen at these type places are junk.I guess I'm just not very lucky.
Tpreaves: Hit and misss thats the rule of the thrift store find..
The Goodwill type stores have really lost the quality of stuff they used to have twenty years ago. Even as short a time as five years ago they had some fine stuff. And I would go all the time just to see what was there.
The quality of the stuff started dropping when 'Rummage Sales' on every block started, and got worse as eBay became a bigger player. A LOT of secondhand store shopping is done by folks who are just looking for stuff they think they can resell. So anything good is snatched up even if the buyer does not want it. They just grab it thinking they can resell it for more money.
Then the economic downturn in the last few years has killed donations to the stores, and added to the number of shoppers just when less stuff is available.
Also the Hispanic immigrant population is increasingly turning to the secondhand stores for nearly anything they need.
So back when I started going to the secondhand stores and Cashmere sweaters were $0.10, quality wool Pendleton skirts also $0.10... Other places had High end clothing for a buck. That was back in the 70's.
The vast majority of folks going to the secondhand stores back in the 70's were Welfare recepients, and a few Hippies. (I was a Hippie, sort of)
Police quality leather jackets were $10.
Yeah, those WERE the days.
Now it is almost cool to go to the secondhand stores. So nothing is to be found worth bothering about anymore.
(if you were to go to say a dozen stores each week, and maybe even twice a week like many Goodwill diehards do.. You could still find stuff once in awhile.
I found an original Freeman Worthley artwork in one for $10. and it still hangs on my wall. But again that was years ago.
The strangest object I fould was an original 1950's geiger counter: a lunchbox sized chrome steel case with big analog dial, mic and coiled cord. I though 'why not turn it into a purse!" and bought it for $5. However a peson at work I told about it wanted it and made an offer I could not refuse moneywise. So I did sell it for $75.
Fisher FM-1000 reference tuner in perfect working order. A couple of PAS-3 preamps, a Dyna FM-3, Pioneer tube receiver, Clements bookshelf speakers, Hafler DH-110 preamp. Of course, loads of LPs.
One store had someones whole collection of excellent quality lp's. The guy ahead of me got there first, so his shopping cart had many more than mine, but mine had quite a few. We're talking a couple hundred.
Purchased so much vintage electronics I can't begin to even try to list it all. I once had a vintage Dual turntable at the checkout that only needed a new stylus and mentioned that to the checkout gal. She said since it was defective, it goes at half price, which was $7.50!
Once I found a huge pair of vintage Altecs that were not labeled, but I could just make out the chrome dust caps on the woofers, so I asked them for a screwdriver to remove the back to check the drivers for names. No problem! $25 bucks!
Most of these finds were during the stock market boom years when everybody was making money, and were getting rid of the old to buy new. I was always finding excellent vintage gear nobody seemed to want anymore. Those days are few, and far between now.
as an inveterate thrift store junkie, i abide by the adage that anything can be anywhere at any time--it's all a matter of persistence. what i have noticed recently is that cdps (like vcrs) seem to be frequently donated--i've recently picked up a marantz cd63se ($15) and a pristine sony ca70es ($9.95); also an adcom gfa 535 and matching tuner for $20 and fantabulous hk 730 rcvr for $25. i'm still searching for that ten buck macintosh, but i know it's out there.
I live near Grand Junction, Colorado where Goodwill recently built a big, shiny new store from the ground up. Acres of parking right across from Home Depot store causes me to question just exactly what is going on with thrift stores and "good will".

They have very little in the way of electronics.

Elizabeth is probably right about what is happening in these places. They are being mined constantly for resale possibilities.

Profit has moved over time from a priority to main priority to sole priority. It is our reason to breathe.
Profit= Ferengi.
I think the Star Trek Deep Space Nine Ferengi have taken over the Western World, and is infecting the East.
The Rules of Aquisition are dominant in our culture!
All other rules are superseded!.
Especially for Politicians, Lawyers, doctors, and corporate types.
There may be a few housewives and children left who have not yet been infected with the Fereni lust for 'Profit', But they are a disappearing breed.
Correct me If I am wrong, but it is not the custom for the Thrift stores, to erm, make a small profit so they can donate money to needy and well deserved causes, such as maybe retired ex-military personnel and the needy?
I dislike selfish people who would probably haggle with the staff when visiting these sort of stores.Shame there is always someone out to make a quick buck out of what should be a good cause.That gripe aside, I am a big spender in charity shops, this year alone (since April), I have bought more than enough cd;s to fill two 500 cd cases, not including approximately 45 operas, various books etc.
I would be embarrased to hand over only 10c for an item that cost many times that amount.
Sure is a dog eat dog world.
My wife and I have a box that when filled goes to Goodwill. There are many nice things in that box, and it goes frequently. I'm not one to pass up a bargain when one presents itself.
'Also the Hispanic immigrant population is increasingly turning to the secondhand stores for nearly anything they need.'

Wow Elizabeth! Between the Mexicans and the Turks, it's really tough times for all of us honest, hardworkin folk!!!
Something interesting going on there....

I found at the salvation army I used to go to,
The folks working there ( mostly new immigrants, who I refer to as 'new north Americans) seem to lack the reference needed to fairly price items
The day I saw a half empty jar of hand cream listed for $6, I knew the jig was up! Haven't been back since.
There is a Mennonite thrift store near my neighborhood that is a vinyl goldmine!! I've found dozens of fantastic classical albums at 50 cents a pop!
Still awaiting that 'holy grail' McIntosh 275!!!
I love hearing about these amazing finds!
I probably shouldn't suggest this but, what the hell, the world's going to end anyway.

Run an ad in your local newspaper saying that you buy used stereo equipment. The response may not be overwhelming but you will have some very exciting opportunities. There are a hell of a lot of people who never heard of Audiogon and figure nobody would want their old junk.

If that old junk was made by Marantz or McIntosh, you might be interested enough to give her $12.