the best of five channel amp....

I am looking for the best of 5 channel amp for my HT. My price is between 3000 to $4000 USD. Please help me for the top choice..thanks a lot
You can find EAD PM2000 in Audiogon. It would be the best.
I think you should take a look at EAD PM2000 used(under $4000), sound really nice for both HT and music.
I'm waiting on a Theta Dreadnaught myself. Lots of clean power. 200wx5 into 8ohms. Balanced on all 5 channels. Retail $6000.00. The last three I've seen here went around $4000.00 used. Still a little rich for my blood.
I am currently driving a pair of Martin Logan SL3 with a Theta Dreadnaught (5x200W) biamped. I have been in the market looking for a speaker upgrade for the past few months and have listened to quite a variety of amp/speaker combinations. I must tell you that I have yet heard another amp that can better the Dreadnaught at the same price range.
You should really consider the Sherbourn 5/1500 5-channel amp. It is 5-mono amps built into one chasis and is awesome for audio and theater. The real surprise is it's retail is only $2000. no type-o either. For the money, I will take it up against anything out there and much more. And the good thing is you have much more $$$ to play with something else. Have fun...
While it might not be in the same league as the Theta or EAD ( don't know, never tried them ), you might also want to consider the Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature. Given that it is rated at 405 wpc @ 8 and 810 wpc @ 4, it will drive ANY load that you throw at it and never runs out of steam. The fact that it offers slightly different "tonalities" for the mains and center via the voltage or current taps gives the amp even greater versatility. Another EXCELLENT feature is that the warranty ( five years parts and labor ) is fully transferable even without a receipt. If you want to know how long is left on the warranty, look at the serial number. The first two numbers are the year that it was made.

To top it off, you can typically find these in excellent shape for WAY under $2500 on the used market. Mine was "mint" and set me back $2000. I use it for the center, surrounds and my two subs with a two channel Sunfire Signature ( 600 wpc @ 8 and 1200 wpc @ 4 ) feeding the mains. The 2 channel amp for the mains set me back $1600. As you can see, i'm a REAL bargain hunter : ) Sean

PS... Some HT amps are voiced notably forward in order to aid in clarity of dialogue on movies. Make sure that you listen to them carefully to see if they will work in your specific installation. While that might be okay for movies, it can be somewhat annoying for music.
Yo Theater1,
You might like the Krell KAV500. Since they are now discontinued, they are going for less than half of the $4500 to $5000 they sold for new. They were only one of 2 five channel amps to earn a Stereophile Guide to Home Theater AAA rating. The EAD has been given good reviews by the HT press and so has the Proceed AMP5, the other AAA rated amp. They should both be within your price range used. I like the Krell because of its has explosive dynamics; the others are a bit more polite, reserved, and conservative. For movie soundtracks, you want the dynamic energy of the Krell, unless you just intend to watch chick flicks. Theta's Dreadnaught is an excellent choice if you can afford to buy a 2 or 3 channel version now and use an existing amp until you can add the remaining channels. It comes as close as anything that I have heard to the Krell FPB600c (if you add a good power cord to it) at less than half the price.
I would recomend the Classe cav 150 it retails for around $3,000 new and they are not making them anymore they replaced it with the Cav 180 which is also very nice but you can get a good deal on a used 150. They have a very natural sound. Good Luck
I second the Krell recommendation but I would go for the Krell KAV-1500 for more power 200 watts per channel I believe.I just saw a couple here on Audiogon for around 5K.One was brand new sealed unit and the other one is a dealer demo, I'm sure a used one in your price range will pop up sooner or later.Goodluck.
I would also recommend the Krell KAV 1500, which is a 300watts/channel x 5 channel amplifier. Krell recently updated the cosmetics on their multi-channel amps, chaning to a sleeker-looking metallic sliver for their new home theater line-up. They have also combined their multi-channel amps, from the the KAV-500, which is a 100watts x 5 channel amp, and the KAV-1500, which is a 300watts x 5 channel amp, to their new amp called Home Theater Amplifier Standard, which is 200watts x 5 channels, with a new look and a higher price.

The specs on the KAV-1500 and this new model are exactly the same, except the KAV-1500 has a lot more power (you can check out info on the Krell website). Because the KAV-1500 is being discontinued, you can get a brand new one for $5,000, which is a terrific price given that its list price is $8,500.

I bought mine on eBay through a Krell dealer in North Hampton Massachusetts called Spearitsound. They have a Krell KAV-1500 on sale almost every other week while supply lasts. You can also check out their website at and can buy directly from them. My unit came completely brand new in factory sealed box, and their service was terrific. I also paid for the unit with a credit card.

As to the sound of this unit, it is the best sounding class AB amp I have heard. You would probably have to get a Krell class A amp to have a better sound. I have listened to many AB amps, from two to three to five to six channel amps, and from many brands. In my opinionl, I liked krell the best. I find it to have incredible dynamics, terrific high- and low-end extension, and litterally everything else for home theater.

I am a home-theater enthusiast and I also listened to quite a bit of audiophile-quality CDs. I am quite happy with my system with the Krell KAV-1500. For your reference, I have B&W Nautilus 801 speakers and this amp has no problem in giving them all the power they need!

Good luck in your selection!