The Best of Fellow Audiophiles.

Hello all.. Audiophiles, lovers of music are a very rare breed in that they go out of their way to help other audiophiles, always give their experiences and opinions of audio gear they have owned or listened to. Have been known to lend a cable or piece of equipment for a fellow audiophile to check out and test in their system. Always have a cold beer, scotch or beverage of choice readily available during listening sessions. Will drive 100's of kilometers to deliver a piece of equipment. Can talk for hours and hours on the nuances, pros and cons of audio equipment  Have been known to  forgo their (?) payment to get that on sale, special piece of equipment that gets their system to the next level.  What a great hobby, passion and lifelong love affair.

Take a bow Audiophiles.
A long time ago when I was barely in to this hobby Albert Porter lent to me a power cord as an educational point. I was struck by this favor because he barely knew me.
 There are some great people in this hobby. I too have had great service from dealers as well as individuals that knew a lot more than I did about audio. Audio Ark in Edmonton Alberta Canada  comes to mind when I think of world class service and making a potential buyer feel at home ..
The best thing to happen to me in my pursuit of audio nirvana was stumbling onto this site as I was searching for I-forget-what a few years ago. Since that time I have learned an extraordinary amount from users with hands-on, ownership, practical experience. Real world advice and opinions that have spun my journey 360 degrees.  For the better. 

With rare exception the majority of fellow members I've come into contact with are sober, rational, people more willing to educate than preach. Being in the wine and spirits business for 35 years, I can relate to the difference.  

Members that I have sold to/purchased from remain comrades in arms, many whom have stayed in touch via posts on forums or through the occasional message. Very cool indeed. 

When in Texas stop by and visit these fellow Audiophiles;

John Fort Audio- Dallas TX

Galen carol-   San Antonio TX

The greater Baltimore MD area;

Don-  The Listening Room

Ed-  Soundscapes

Spearit Sound in MA- Jack Tozzi.
To me, Guido Corona deserves a mention here.  A true hobbyist, well versed in this field, a JRDG asset to this forum (among other things) and he just has a wonderful tone.   
Albert Porter. Over the years I have talked with him on a number of audio related subjects. He is honest, thoughtful and a real gentleman 

Albert Porter has opened his house to strangers just about every Tuesday night. I try to go every week and begin the process of learning how to listen, both to his system and his words of wisdom
I just sold a pair of Alon II's to a fellow member here a couple of days ago. 

He drove to NY from Virginia to complete the sale. 

Brutal trip, intrepid fellow, musician, and a pleasure to meet. We auditioned the new Jaco Pastorious release through the Alons on my system and found it to be okay. 

In brief, this was not unlike fellow members I've bought from or sold to here - we like music first, equipment second, and it's reassuring to know that there's still an extraordinary league of gentlemen sharing this two-channel madness. 

Fred Scheller, if you are out there, thanks for all the help & education, and for raising my stadards.