The best of Biggest, Baddest monster amps ...

Forget about Pass labs X1000, Classe Omega,Mcintosh 1201,krell...Simaudio Moon Rock mono blocs currently selling for $50,000 the best money can buy.You have to hear them to believe them. Jm labs Grande Utopia + Moon Rock = Heaven
I owned and sold them .I'm a businessman w/ busy schedule, I don't have a lot of time for music. List your Biggest, Baddest monster amps that you have.
I've always wanted to know how the Levinson 33s weigh in with the best of the best sonically.... I know they weigh in at about 400 lbs a piece.
Hasn't this thread already been done?

Mark Levinson 33 power amplifiers.
The Levinson 33 are the best amps i'v ever heard.
The only setback is their like generators so they get very hot.
Rowland 9 amps
Boulder 2050
YBA Passion Amps,
Gamut S300
Classe Omega
Denon POA S1
Mark Levinson 33 is good for Classical, jazz..not powerful as moon rock which good for all type of music. ML 33 is a litle weak for my Genesis 1.1 so i traded for moon rock, by the way, anyone want to buy the genesis let me know.I have no use for them, they're in the basement collecting dust. they 're cost as much as my Mercedes 2006 sl600 when new. YBA Pasion, Classe Omega, Denon POS1 you can use these on small or medium size of speakers but not on huge spkrs like Genesis 1.1, GOLDMUND Epilogue Full System ,VON SCHWEIKERT VR-11 Vanquish,WILSON Alexandria ...
Krell Master Ref Amps each monoblock fed by (2) 240v lines
I agreed with vinh111, Simaudio Moon Rock mono blocs is one of the best out there, I am using the Moon Rock with Wilson Alexandria X-2, wow......
Simaudio Moon Rock mono amps was Stereophile 2005 component of the year runner up.
The list will not be complete without the Gryphon Antileon Signature Monoblocks and the big MBLs. Absolutely overkill.
Vinh111......why don't list the Genesis 1.1's for sale here on Audiogon if you want to sell them?
Crown K2..
the puny 38# weakling will kick the **** out of em all>>!!!

and your speakers 2