THE “BEST of 2019” by The Sound Advocate Sound Advocate Best Products Awards ~ 2019

February 3, 2020 by Howard Milstein

This is the first edition of The Sound Advocate’ “BEST PRODUCT AWARDS”. We will be picking out 2 products each year that have been profoundly reviewed and evaluated by the editor(s) of our site in the past year.

The products picked will have shown to offer outstanding subjective sound quality as well as encompassing formidable technology and build, fine ergonomics, the ability to partner exceedingly well with a variety of equipment it was used with as well as being able to convey “special” endowments of musical and sound reproduction qualities.

The products awarded are of any category of audio equipment we have had the pleasure of assessing and the awards are never judged according to their respective price points. EVER! As any audio devotee reading this knows, there are exceptional audiophile components at all price levels that can give an enthusiast the utmost in enjoyment–and this is of great importance here. So, without any further ado, here are the two products and manufacturers that we’ve awarded “Best of 2019!”