The best music in 2019

Tedeschi/Trucks Band "Signs"  WOW
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Linda Ronstadt - Live in Hollywood

A great show from Linda and band at their peak, unleashed. Familiar songs without the restraint typical of her studio albums.

Rosie Flores - Simple Case of the Blues

A blues album from Rockabilly Queen Rosie Flores and it works for fans of either genre.

Karla Bonoff - Carry Me Home

Some old and some new songs done beautifully.
@tomcy6, Rosie Flores is wonderful! I have all her stuff, and have seen her live many times, the last time up at Pappy & Harriet's, the roadhouse bar in Pioneertown (not far from Joshua Tree, where Gram Parsons met his maker). She was in the audience at a Jim Lauderdale show there, and he invited her up on stage to do a couple of numbers, her and her aqua-colored Telecaster. What a gal!
bdp24, Yeah, Rosie is really cool. I wish I’d seen her many times, especially out by Joshua Tree. Unless you really dislike blues, you'll like her new one.

Good to see this thread my friend.  Happy Listening!
Have to follow this, see a couple like to add to my library already.
Well ya know Tom, Rockabilly is basically the mix of Jump Blues and Hillbilly. Rosie is awfully good at Rockabilly (and Hillbilly), and without a grounding in Blues that would not be possible. Another singer in Rosie's league is Lou Ann Barton, from Austin Texas. She was in an early version of Double Trouble with Stevie Ray (when he was merely a member), and now tours with his brother Jimmie. Her Old Enough album (produced by the great Jerry Wexler and the not-so-great Glen Frey ;-) is fantastic!