The best music in 2018

I realize this is early, but based on this (lp), I’m very hopeful...

Glen Hansard "Between Two Shores" ...absolutely fantastic!
I am very pleased to say that the new Phosphorescent album called C'est La Vie is outstanding!! I thought it was going to be very difficult to follow up their last effort.
If you like Alt Country - Americana you should really check out this band!
Don't miss their last album from five years ago called Muchacho which is a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The song writing and melodies are so mature and fully formed on these two albums.
If you have never heard this band and like this style of music , you will NOT be disappointed !!
The Struts- If you think rock is dead check out this band. Guitar heavy glam pop with a lead man with real personality and charisma. Everybody Wants has been out for a year or so. Young and Dangerous comes out next week and I heard most of it at their show last week. It sounds like a winner and a step up.....which very few bands accomplish with a second album. They are so refreshing. Probably the best show I’ve seen. So cool to see a real front man in the mold of Jagger and Mercury. I’m 55 and very reserved and I was jumping up and down, singing all the lyrics out loud and waving my hands for 2 solid hours.

I'm a certified Struts fanboy now.  Almost bought a T-shirt.  ;-) Haven't felt this way about a band since the early days of R.E.M.