The best music in 2018

I realize this is early, but based on this (lp), I’m very hopeful...

Glen Hansard "Between Two Shores" ...absolutely fantastic!
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - "Close But No Cigar"

Got an early release copy from the guys at my LRS - Plaid Room Records. They also run the record label - Colemine Records who are releasing this record from Delvon Lamarr.

Check out this set from KEXP. Awesome stuff.

Dukes of the Orient - another offshot of ex-Asia John Payne, kind of continuation of GPS project. Both music and recording quality (surprising for this type of music nowadays) is absolutely outstanding, and IMHO much better effort then GPS " Window to the Soul".
I am not huge fan of Asia,but this recording is superb.
Brandi Carlile  "by the way, I forgive you". Her latest and it is outstanding! She really has matured as an artist.
+1 re Brandi Carlile
Haven't heard it yet but betting the new Decemberist lp is a winner.
slaw, The Decemberists are my new hometown's (Portland, Oregon, though I'm actually across the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington) local heroes. I remember hearing of them in the late 90's, iirc, but never got around to checking them out. Guess I now have to!
Another +vote for Brandi Carlile. We are almost half way through 2018. Still plenty of new music / releases to discover.
Happy Listening!
Bobo Stenson, "Contra la Indecision" - ECM;
Van Morrison, "You're Driving Me Crazy" - Sony/Legacy;
John Surman, "Invisible Threads" - ECM.