the best music dvd video??

Any Recommendations on the best music DVD video.
I start building my DVD music library. I’m a pure two channel guy. The DVD will hook directly to my pre (pilinius m 16) via analog IC . So I’m not interesting in surrounds 5.1/7.1

I'm hearing all kind of music except metal/hard rock.

I'm looking for the best performance/show but also for a good sound.
BTW the DVD support also DVD AUDIO if it’s matter

Thanks in advance

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Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris (Roadrunning) is outstanding. It's a mix of Dire Staits with Emmylou's country/folk tunes. The song Nazareth Speedway just plain jams. Recorded live in 2006, Emmylou at the age of 59 still looks fantastic. The quality of recording is excellent. I use the stereo mix so I can't say how the 5.1 sounds.