the best music dvd video??

Any Recommendations on the best music DVD video.
I start building my DVD music library. I’m a pure two channel guy. The DVD will hook directly to my pre (pilinius m 16) via analog IC . So I’m not interesting in surrounds 5.1/7.1

I'm hearing all kind of music except metal/hard rock.

I'm looking for the best performance/show but also for a good sound.
BTW the DVD support also DVD AUDIO if it’s matter

Thanks in advance
Well the old classics are The Eagles and Peter Frampton. The Eagles for sound - it's hard to beat that one - and Frampton because of the good show he put on. You used to couldn't walk into a place that sold middle and high-end equipment in the 90s without that Eagles DVD playing.

Others hmmm, I have quite a few but I don't know how many stand out for sound. Most of the good ones are based on groups or an artist I like and the performances are sometimes old (sometimes not) but the sound is not all that great. The show is good and I like the artist so I live with it. Use Netflix to order DVDs you think you might like and then buy use that as a way to decide what you want to own. Another note: the performances on Austin City Limits are excellent and the sound is usually very good. You can find these shows a lot of times on DVD.
Here are a few I like:

Cheryl Crow-Com'on America
Pearl Jam-Live at the Garden (Disc 2 is spectacular-and I'm not a big PJ fan!)
Diana Krall-Live in Paris
Blue Man Group-The Complex Rock Tour (good, but not nearly as good as being there)
James Taylor-Live at the Beacon Theater (sonically excellent)
U2-Vertigo Tour-Live from Chicago
The Three Pickers-Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, Ricky Skaggs)
John McEuen & Jimmy Ibbotson-Nitty Gritty Surround (video and a DVD-A layer)


If you like piano I have a few for you.

Mozart: Piano Concertos 13 & 20, Mitsuko Uchida piano, (DG)
Lang Lang Live At Carnegie Hall (DG)
Yundi Li Live in Concert (DG)

All three DVDs have exceptional performance and recording. Highly recommended.
This subject has been covered previously in multiple threads. Here's one of the latest threads which also has links to some the others.

I've picked up a few since my last post that I would rate as "very good":
Mike Oldfield "Live at Montreux 1981"
Acoustic Strawbs "Live in Toronto at HUGH'Sroom"
John Prine "Live from Sessions and 54th st"

The Last Waltz (The Band) by Martin Scorcese: 35 mm film transfer and audio is amazing
Eagles: Hell Freezes Over
Bob Dylan: MTV Unplugged: Excellent Performace
Roy Orbison: Black and White with Bruce, Elvis Costello, KD Lang a who's who of rock
Dave Matthews at Central Park
Dave Waters (Pink Floyd): In the Flesh
PortisHead at Roseland Ballroom NYC: Full orchestra, DJ's scratching: Great performances by all, very orginal music but easy to like and listen to
Alicia Keys MTV at Brooklyn Academy
Sade: Diamond Live
James Taylor: Beacon Theatre NYC
John Legend: House of Blues
Norah Jones: House of Blues
Massive Attack 10 Promo Videos
OutKast: Great Videos
Gorillaz Live
John Fogerty: Amazing performance and energy
Beatles: Yellow Submarine
Pink Floyd: Meddle/Live at Pompeii
Roger Waters/P. Floyd: In the Flesh
Try Black Eyed Peas Sydney to Vegas - good dynamics and actually sounds like a real concert rather than the usual crap. I also agree with the Eagles - excellent sound quality on that one.

Of course without the surround channels it is a mute point as you will be missing the "concert experience" where you get to sit in the crowd. I hope you have a processor so you don't simply lose the surround info...
AC/DC- Family jewels,
Bela Fleck-Live At The Quick,
Roger Waters- The Wall Live Berlin,
Gorillaz-Demon Days,
Rammstein- Live Aus Berlin.
Derek Trucks- Song lines Live.
Blue Man Group--The Complex Rock Tour

Simply a fantastic DVD musical / video experience!!

Yes, it is better in person, but the DVD can be played over and over.
Definitely check out “Rodrigo y Gabriela.” The CD comes with a DVD of their live performances. Very cool stuff.
The Last Waltz
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris (Roadrunning) is outstanding. It's a mix of Dire Staits with Emmylou's country/folk tunes. The song Nazareth Speedway just plain jams. Recorded live in 2006, Emmylou at the age of 59 still looks fantastic. The quality of recording is excellent. I use the stereo mix so I can't say how the 5.1 sounds.
Hi to all of you at Agon

Thanks for all of you, great recommendation.
speciall thanks to Bdgregory, you really help me.

Trio Live -Terje Rypdal, Trilok Gurtu and Miroslav Vitous. $20 most places. GREAT show! OK recording.

The new Sigur Ros DVD. Shot in Iceland. Achingly beautiful.
Diana Krall "Live in Paris"
U2 "Rattle and Hum"
Pink Floyd "Delicate Sound of Thunder"
Alison Krauss and Union Station Live

Jerry Lee Lewis

Eagles Farwell Tour
I second Diana Krall "Live in Paris". Very good. Also, Phill Collins "the final farewell tour". Awesome. I would be remiss if I didn't say Joe Satriani "Live in Sanfransisco". Amazing guitar.
I want to add Copying Beethoven to the list
The Cure Trilogy.
The sonics are superb and the image is simply
delicate, quite angelicate.....................
here's some new ones I like:

Cowboy Junkies "Trinity Revisited"
Clapton, et al "Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007"

Just saw Beyond the Sea: A musical/biography of Bobby Darin with Kevin Spacey as BD.
I have enjoyed and second many of the nominees posted here, but for great video and awesome sound I need to add:

Poncho Sanchez-Live in Montreaux (Latin jazz, great sound)
UB40-Homegrown live in Holland- (reggae- need no intro)

No Disappointments!!!
Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live

All round perfect IMHO.

Talking Heads film directed by Jonathan Demme called "Stop Making Sense". It has no equal.

If you are interested in a terrific movie about a group of musicians with some concert footage, try watching "The Commitments". It's Irish. It's hilarious. It's R&B.