The Best Movie sound Tracks

Can you tell me your opininons on the best Movie Sound Tracks out there that makes your system really sound its best. Some older remaster pieces, like Henry Mancini's greatist including "Peter Gunn" sounds very thin and compressed. Why is that so. Appreciate all you info.

The soundtrack to The Mission is musically wonderful, and shows off the system OK. I also really like the sountrack to Braveheart, but it was recorded terribly (lots of noise).
'Brokedown Palace' (especially the track that's an alternative version to 'Rock the Casbah' by the Clash)
Patriot Games can be a very demanding and great test CD.
Although it's kind of a tough film, the music from "Leaving
Las Vegas" is quite good.
Some obvious choices for sonics are Gladiator, Glory, and Sneakers. I love the music from The Insider. When it comes to all-time great scores, you can't beat Malcolm Arnold's scoring of The Bridge on the River Kwai.
my favorite is "boys on the side".
There are several female songs that sound very different on different systems.
the other obvious choice is "O brother where art thou" especially the alson kraus song
No brainer, it's AC/DC "Let There Be Rock."
Tangerine Dream soundtrack of "Wavelength"

CD was an early generation master suffering from digititis, grab the LP if you see it.

Wyatt Earp, Rob Roy, Legends of the Fall, Black Beauty, Moll Flanders, The Brothers Mulligan, Clear and Present Danger, Diva, Brother's name a few.
Georgio Moroder's somewhat dated score to Cat People has some of the deepest and tightest bass ever engraved on LP. The rest of the frequency spectrum is not far behind and the effects are to die for. Just for fun, the Japanese LP (it was never released as a US pressing) of John Carpenter's Halloween is also incredible, much of the creepy dialogue has been left in and the whole affair has a U-R THERE quality that is hard to match. Finally, Miles Davis soundtracks, The Lift To The Scaffold and Jack Johnson are musts for Miles fans but may not hold broader interest beyond that.
If you can find one, a compilation of Alfred Newman's work
that will include the sound track from "The Prince of Thieves." As with all of Newmans work, it is simply incredible.
Come on guys! No one has yet mentioned Bernard Herrmann! Undoubtedly the greatest soundtrack composer ever. "The Day The Earth Stood Still" "Psycho" "North By Northwest" "Citizen Kane" "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" "Mysterious Island" "Sisters" "Jason And The Argonauts" "The Seventh Vouage Of Sinbad" "Farenheit 451" "Marnie", various "Twilight Zone" episodes, and more.
And let us not forget other great film music composers like Dimitri Tiompkin, Max Steiner, Elmer Bernstein, Franz Waxman, Jerry Goldsmith, and Eric Korngold.
I'm pleased to see that respondents to this post have listed real soundtracks, not pop music compliations which rule the sales charts these days.
"Pulp Fiction" and "Blown Away" are ones I actually listen too as opposed to just own.
I really love "Emerald Forest," and is one of the few not already listed. I strongly agree with the posters who mentioned both "Lift to the Scaffold," with Miles Davis, and "The Mission."

Off from the usual sound track genre, but totally mesmerizing for me, "The Last Temptation Of Christ." Performed by Peter Gabriel, strange and at the same time, hauntingly beautiful.
The Power of One. American Beauty. Amadeus.
Magnolia is absolutely wonderful. (Even if the movie wasn't)Aimee Mann does the majority of the album. Absolutely black background, very well recorded. Her vocals are truly amazing. Interesting accompaniments and background vocals as well. By far my favorite soundtrack.
I'll second Albert's suggestion of the "The Last Temptation of Christ." Sonics are so-so, but good music.