The best monitors for $1000 used

There must be many to choose from since technology keeps trickling down.
ProAc 1sc
I would get a Reference 3a DiCappo i. There was one up for $650 recently, a serious great value. Maybe a bit over $1000, but worth it. If you luck out substantially below.
Revel M-20 or M-22.
I think the MM De Capp i is an excellent speaker, however, the "one up for $650" recently was just that: One speaker.

The pairs go for about $1500, with that said, there is alway the Refernce 3A Dulcet - which is truely remarkable speaker. If you area is on the smaller side, it IS the one to go with. See my review at
In this price range, one must mention Quads.
yes you must listen to quad 12L
Anyone familiar with focal's chorus 807v?
Why do you suspend some of your components from cables and bungee cords?
When I play my music at a reasonably loud level, everything in the room resonates. To keep this vibration from reaching my components and introducing noise I suspended the components. The place it makes the biggest difference is the turntable. But all components benefit from the isolation.
Regarding the speakers, I prevent my floor from resonating therefore the music is emanating from the speaker only and not from the floor as well.
Believe it or not it all made a huge difference. I highly recommend it, too bad I can't patent it but I didn't come up with it first.
Tyler Taylo Ref, JM Reynaud Twin Sig or Triangle Titus ES depending on what you are looking for and what kind of power amp you have. There are many others but if Quad 11 or 12 make it to the top list or ProAc 8 or 1SC, then my list holds strong.