The best monitor under 1500

We are going to full time RV so the Martin L's will go into storage. Lookin for a great monitor under 1500 for the Coach?
I'd grab the KEF LS50s. Stereophile Product of the Year for a reason. A great sounding speaker. Compact, and there is a plug for the rear port in case you need them against a wall.
For a traditional set-up, I would recommend the Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1 . There is a pair here on Audiogon for $750 . These speakers have bamboo cabinets, which tend to be particularly immune from vibrations.

You could also go the powered speaker route. These speakers look interesting ... Emotiva Airmotiv 6 .

Spendor 3/5r2!
Since this is RV, why don't you go for the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR and save some?
With experience I can say that if you keep them between 1-2 feet from the rear wall you will get pretty tight bass. Move them 4 feet from rear wall and the bass goes bye bye. But the overall experience with this speaker has been amazing. So highly recommended.
KEF 50 is a great rock speaker, but IMHO way too forward for Classical .
KEF ls 50 is a nice choice for an RV. It has limitations with larger rooms from what I have heard, but a very nice and compact package for many applications. Am RV sounds perfect. They do like power and current though so expect a significant variation in performance based on amp used.
What about something like a Thiel Powerpoint? Completely out of the way and great sound.
Your situation practically screams for the KEF LS50s--full bore Class A sound from around 60 Hz up, and perfect for smaller listening areas.

However …

If you can consider a small footprint tower, I've heard the Focal 714V and was very impressed with their sound quality and presentation. The speakers disappear and throw an engaging 3-dimensional soundstage as well as having good tonal balance and an airy top end.

MusicDirect has them on 40% off closeout. Their footprint is only slightly larger than the KEFs. Of course they're taller, but don't require stands. OTOH, you can't tuck them on a shelf when not in use.

Anyway, just a thought.
Just bought the KEF 50's and they truly amazing! My daughter will be getting the ML towers, but the 50's are more impressive than I could have ever imagined. My wife loves them too, considering the wife factor! How that much great sound comes out of those little guys blows my mind!! Perfect choice for me!
Just out of curiosity decided to resurrect the thread, because interested to know what is size of RV?  
I think the LSA 1 Statements would sound perfect in a smaller space. I have mine in a large Open space. They are not embarrassed but would excel in a smaller room. They have pretty good low end output, does very well with vocals, and the ribbon tweeter is detailed, clean, yet easy on the ears. 
I own own a pair of JM Labs Micro Utopias and at 1500 used puts you in heaven. 

raymoda, how they can fit into your RV and what size?

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Where there is a will there is a Ray.

Actually I would put my Celestiion SL 600 in my RV.
Look at the self powered line of speakers from Audioengine. I have the 2's Amazing.