The best mid priced Grado In your opinion?

I am considering a Grado mostly because I can audition them but haven't got a good starting reference . Amongst their full line of products which mid level priced product less than $700, I'll say arbitrarily, is the best and why? It can be a very inexpensive one that is simply better and a giant killer, such a suggestion is more than welcome, I don't grade a product based on it's price, don't be afraid to voice your opinion. Thanks
I am using an old Grado Signiture 8M with a Prestige Gold replacement stylus. It benifits greatly from the Cartridge Man Isolator. I like it better than my Reference Sonata.
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Ok Ok I get the idea some of you knew I meant Grado Cartridges. Please be serious thanks- Iappreciate those who know that $700 is not mid price for Grado Headphones.

The table is still undecided because it is being bought by somone else and will be a surprise, it may be one of the following;
A VPI simple Scout or Scoutmaster JMW 9 or better arm, if it will work with a Grado Cartridge not headphones.
Possibly one of the Consonance tables because that is what we have access to. The only one that I really know is good is the droplet but I doubt they going to spend that much, Morch arm, I forget the modelof the arm but it is a Morch.
Possibly an MMF-7 ?Arm maker but it is the Czech source, but that comes with a fairly good Goldring /Eroica cartridge not headphones, but if a better Grado is sensible I can ask for that change.