The best looking speakers

I have 2 systems in my house. I am quite happy with what I have.
but I was wondering, what are the best looking speakers out there?
I haven’t taken up the question of new speakers with my wife, but more aesthetically pleasing speakers might help my cause/diseas.  
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Any of the Tannoy Prestige series....your ears will thank you too
No matter what the color, material or shape; if it sounds great, my appreciation for its aesthetics (or lack of) will rise to the same level
IMHO the best looking(& most impressive) are the JBL Paragons, Metregons, and Hartsfields. Not the best sounding (although not BAD). The generate the most Oohs & Ahhs. They are conversation starters, for sure. There are a lot of ‘pretty’ speakers, and a ton of great sounding speakers out there but the early JBL Line is, hands down, the most impressive looking. Again, IMHO‼️
p.s., I’m surprised no one mentioned the early JBL line. Maybe a lack of experience, they are ‘60 plus years old!