The Best Live Recordings on Youtube

Hi folks, I’m in the middle of moving and needed something to do to explore music while my system is in storage (might be up to a year). Started streaming live recordings on youtube on my laptop and decided it would be worth it to make a list/channel.

In case anyone likes watching such content, the link is below. I only add quality recordings (both visually and sonically) of quality performances. No real genre restrictions, so maybe you can find something you like...

Please post or send any suggestions for growing the resource. Hopefully it helps spread high quality music to more people...
Here are some of my favorites:

Santana, Soul Sacrifice, live at Tanglewood.  The band and the audience are really feeling it.
Grand Funk, Inside Looking Out, live 1969.  Super tight, three very solid players.
Skip James, Crow Jane, live somewhere outside.  Hell, anything by Skip James. Haunting/haunted voice.  Crazy good guitar player. 
Joni Mitchell, Coyote, Live at Gordon Lightfoot's house.  With some other folks you might recognize.
Led Zeppelin, Live in Denmark, 1969.  So young and raw.  I'd give anything to transport back in time to that show. 
Bon Scott AC/DC.  Pick you live video. 
Good call.  Anything by BJM is worth watching and/or listening to. 

@pesky_wabbit excellent work on the variety. They're all very good. Somehow I missed the st. James infirmary link, thankfully I ran into it today. Great.