The Best Live Recordings on Youtube

Hi folks, I’m in the middle of moving and needed something to do to explore music while my system is in storage (might be up to a year). Started streaming live recordings on youtube on my laptop and decided it would be worth it to make a list/channel.

In case anyone likes watching such content, the link is below. I only add quality recordings (both visually and sonically) of quality performances. No real genre restrictions, so maybe you can find something you like...

Please post or send any suggestions for growing the resource. Hopefully it helps spread high quality music to more people...
@frogman Nothing wrong with that!  Thank you for the suggestions.  Looking forward to working through them!
@frogman Playlist updated with your wonderful jazz selections.  I'm still finishing the final Michael Brecker show.  They're all just great.  Thanks so much.

@dweller Looking forward to processing yours next! 

Please keep them coming:
@dweller Just starting the second song, but yes, these two are great.  List updated.
Peter Gabriel - Secret World Tour (w/Paula Cole) is great.

If you don't mind documentary full of live performance, the recent Eva Cassidy doc is excellent and includes a few comments from #1 fan Mick Fleetwood. 

Similarly, that's a good ~90min doc of Joni Mitchell that's insightful and full of great performances. Cheers,
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Wonderful suggestions people.  I updated the youtube list, provided credit in the channel's discussion section (along with links to your system if you have one), and added two featured channel sections.  The first has links to every artist's youtube channel.  The second provides links to channels that regulalry publish high quality content from such artists. 

Hopefully the channel becomes a useful resource for people over time.
Thanks to some of the jazz suggestions, youtube directed my channel to the Hiromi Uehara Trio Project.  Holy s**t.
Hiromi Uehara is a phenom! Holy s**t indeed.  If you liked that, you may like this as well. Less bravura and (arguably) more depth:
Videos #85 & #86 added to the channel.  I still need time to watch the entire Chick Corea concert, but it's already clear how great it is (musically, sonically, and visually).  Both it and the Iron Butterfly are top notch.  
Also crazy how great the quality on the iron butterfly recording is given the age.  
List updated. Thanks!  And not that it matters to anyone here, but I found a better url to link:

That in a gadda da vida clip sure supports the the Wilde maxim that Nothing succeeds like Excess.

Far superior to the vinyl.
Ha! I loved that one too (@facten). And the flume recommendation is also spectacular. 
For all Softs fans, Matching Mole = Machine Moule = Soft Machine, featuring Robert Wyatt as you‘ve never seen (or heard) him before - and make sure no children are watching.
Here are some of my favorites:

Santana, Soul Sacrifice, live at Tanglewood.  The band and the audience are really feeling it.
Grand Funk, Inside Looking Out, live 1969.  Super tight, three very solid players.
Skip James, Crow Jane, live somewhere outside.  Hell, anything by Skip James. Haunting/haunted voice.  Crazy good guitar player. 
Joni Mitchell, Coyote, Live at Gordon Lightfoot's house.  With some other folks you might recognize.
Led Zeppelin, Live in Denmark, 1969.  So young and raw.  I'd give anything to transport back in time to that show. 
Bon Scott AC/DC.  Pick you live video. 
Good call.  Anything by BJM is worth watching and/or listening to. 

@pesky_wabbit excellent work on the variety. They're all very good. Somehow I missed the st. James infirmary link, thankfully I ran into it today. Great.
Man, y'all are giving me a lot of work to do!  Had to send my laptop in for repair yesterday, so giving credit and getting artists into the channel list is a bit of a slog on the phone. 

Love the suggestions though. Having this many people contribute really helps keep the playlist variability up. Thanks so much. 

And I'll note that I've only posted one of the 80ish performances in the list to this thread, so there's a lot to browse that's not here for interested parties. 

In the end it‘s all about discovering great music. I would much rather listen to that youtube clip of in a gadda da vda on my ipad than my vinyl copy of the original on any megabubuck audio system.

Larry Coryell & Eleventh House

Mahavishnu Orchestra

The late great Luther Allison. Under appreciated in his native country, but adored in France, where he resided, and Europe, where he toured extensively. This is is last recorded concert, performed in Madrid. Stellar.
In the end it‘s all about discovering great music. I would much rather listen to that youtube clip of in a gadda da vda on my ipad than my vinyl copy of the original on any megabubuck audio system

Agreed. So many people in this hobby lose sight of the most important part. It all should be in service of the music. If you can't enjoy these performances, you're lost. Hopefully a few people have the ability to pipe them into the big system. They may not be master pressings, but a lot of these are spectacularly recorded.

Thanks again for all the recommendations. They're just great. Still adding to the list as I listen to them... 

Keep them coming.
@jrod68 Finally looked up your suggestions and got them added to the list. Great stuff. 

121 videos at the moment and many hours of pure human emotion.