The best integrated amp for Klipsch Heresy

Looking for some input and or advice on replacing my excisting Onkyo TXNR807 with a integated amp to drive my Klipsch Heresy and B&O turntable.
HH Scott 222c. or Lebem 300SX
There is no definitive "best" of anything. There are way too many variables involved. The "best" you can hope for is to find something that works well in your system. You can then say it's the "best" for you until you find something you think is better !!!!
2nd to HH Scott. It's one of the most advanced tube amps and it's a sleeper that is very hard to beat with much more pricier amps. For horns it has one of the most advanced noise filtering and management. The cons on HH Scott amps is hard to find parts and they're not cheap if unit needs service. Sometimes you have to cut larger holes in the chassis to install available filter caps.