the best integrated amp $2500-$45oo pr.

I'm looking for opinions on goldmund sri and sri2 ,plinius8150,and other top notch performers
The Plinius 8150i is the best Solid State Integrated I have heard. This includeds the Goldmunds, Classe's, Krells, Bryston, etc. I do like the VAC AVATAR better, but whose got the money for this tubed wonder. The ARC CA50 has no flexibilty and The Jadis Orchestra is a dead end piece as well. While these latter two sound nice, be sure you have no upgrade fever. Bac to the is smooth as silk and has the guts to reproduce transients when needed. Fantastic with thiels, Proacs, Joseph Audio etc.I love the dual speaker binding posts for Biwiring. Get it and you won't be sorry.
The Sim Audio I-5 is incredible!!! I think it retails for around $2500 I have heard the Plinius stuff is similar to the Sim. I recommend trying one of these jewels!
Icompared my Copland CSA 14 (with upgraded siemens tubes) to the Moon I5 and the Copland was better.
Pathos Twin Towers, without a doubt. I also own over $20,000 in Krell amplifiers...almost three kilowatts of power...but the 35 watt Pathos is more musical, and far better looking. It is in a different league than the other amplifiers people are mentioning.
This is a personal choice, and very dependent on your speakers. Recently for my second system, I went through the same process. I was able to compare in my home Audio Analogue Pucini SE, Audio Refinement, Accuphase e241, Electrocompaniet Eci-3, and a NAD C-340. I bought the Eci-3, because was the best sonic match. It also had a remote which the Pucini didn't. The aditional feature of balance inputs and outputs became icing on the cake to rationalize the extra $ as an emergency line stage for a failure in my main system. By the way the NAD was the best $/sound value this side of used Dyna or DIY tube gear, let alone the very convient remote feature. If you're interested in the Eci-3, I would recommend John Barnes (Audio Unlimited 303-691-3407) as someone that has given me out of state great service for years. He honest and knowns his stuff. cheers, Gerrym5
I for one belive that for this money best integrated is Goldmund SRI 2 for $ 3500 it is the best of the bunch. Good luck
While I have not heard your choices, my vote goes to the Sim Audio Moon I-5. I've owned this unit for nearly 2 years, matched with JPS Superconductor interconnects and Cardas Cross speaker cables along with reasonably sensitive speakers (Totem Model 1 Sig./current hungry but works well), the I-5 gives you an honest portrayal of the source. I could try and comment on the bass, treble and midrange but that would be a waste of time. This thing, to my ears, simply sound like musicians playing music before me. If you do audition the I-5 make sure that it's been plugged in and at least on standby for 3 days min. The character of this amp changes dramatically within those days from sounding average to missing bass and then to slowly coming to life. Check out their website for reviews or check AudioReview for what others have to say. The only thing against the I-5 is the remote. Heavy duty as it is, it's a bit tempremental (apparently a new one is on the works). Lastly, the I-5 is no powerhouse integrated. If you're looking to listen in the 3 digit db range this int. may not be for you. As B. Harley mentioned in his Fi review, it's all about how the I-5 brought the music to life. Good luck.
I agree with Charles, I just got the Pathos TT, and you really have to hear it to believe it. It is the most musical, open and effortless piece of equipment I have heard.
the electrocompaniet ECI-3 would be my first choice. call me at (949)362-5050 for a good buy.