The best integrated amp

At the moment my interest for a new amp are , DK Design VS1 MK2 and the Sharp sm sx 100.
Both are amazing amplifiers.
Did anybody have experience with them.

Yes! Please check my post under this thread: Simaudio I-5 vs DK Design Group VS.1 Ref. It should be the last one on the list. I wrote up a mini review on my experience with the DK amp. Enjoy!

By the way, the Sharp is a completely different type of amplifier and I would expect will have a completely different sound.
Hello, Speedfreak

Thanks, I read all the threads about the DK Design.
Actually I just orded one!!
But the Sharp still stay in my head.
It`s a digital amp that cost 4 years ago about 15000usd, but I found one for about 3000usd!! NEW!!
The sm sx was a state of art project from Sharp.
And according to reviewers one off the best.