The Best Inexpensive Wines Available Now

I'm always on the lookout for good wines at a fair value. Ok so maybe cheap wines that taste expensive. Anyway, are there wines that you've had recently that you would consider a terrific value for the price? I personally enjoy the merlot and chardonnay from Clos du Bois which both cost about $14 in New Hampshire. To relax with a glass of either and listen to my music (classical and jazz) does make the early evening sit pleasingly well.
You can get German made high quality knock-offs of the Riedel wine glasses at Fortunoff's here in the NY-NJ area for $5 -$7 a piece. I have a friend who has both. He says the knock-offs are virtually indistinguishable from the Riedel's. I agree.

While listening to his Martin-Logan's, we drank a nice 2000 Cousino-Macul Antiguas Reserva and found both glasses to be excellent.
Galeriehughie--- wish I could afford those Riedel sommeliers! They are damn nice, but the Spiegelau are not too shabby, either.

Theduke: hey, what's the name of those knock-offs? Not Spiegelau? Amazing what a fine combination of wine, glassware, and audio can do! Sounds like a great evening... :-)
Hey cpdunn, they were alot but wine is sort of our hobby. So we finally sprang for a pair. They rip apart bad wine even more than the normal riedels.

Hey Duke, Your in NY? We go to Zachys for most of our first growths. Susan goes to Morrels in the city because its close to work for her. She hates Sherry Lehmann because they were rude.

And the real poetry is in the company, the wine and the music....
Here's another vote for Charles Shaw. I had some sort of red wine from them--I cannot remember exactly what, unfortunately--which was amazingly good. Apparently, "Two Buck Chuck" has become quite popular in some circles.
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