The Best Inexpensive Wines Available Now

I'm always on the lookout for good wines at a fair value. Ok so maybe cheap wines that taste expensive. Anyway, are there wines that you've had recently that you would consider a terrific value for the price? I personally enjoy the merlot and chardonnay from Clos du Bois which both cost about $14 in New Hampshire. To relax with a glass of either and listen to my music (classical and jazz) does make the early evening sit pleasingly well.
1999 The Seven Surveys, Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvedre blend, by Lehman from downunder, about $13-14, this is very enjoyable and has aging potential, great fruit, concentration, depth.

2000 Perrin Nature, Rhone, around $9-10, excellent bbq wine
The St Nicholas Pinot Noir runs under $5 at Sams Club, and fits in the inexpensive wine list a lot better than anything over $16, tons better than any of the Yellow Tail wines.
Yeah, Rowe, I can't get my tongue around that Yellow Tail, either...but do have it on hand for parties.
Niebaum Coppola Rosso is/was delectible for $9. I have not bought the rosso in a number of months, so the price may have went up.

I also tried the hot, at least in my area, Blackstone Merlot ($15.00) and Niebaum Coppola Merlot (~$15.00), but I think Kendal-Jackson is superior. I do not have that much experience with wine, though. But the rosso is worth checking out if any of you are in a convenient position to do so...or, if its the end of month and you want to through a party, but the bills are know ;)