the BEST garage system you ve ever built

I dug out some stuff that I had laying around and set up a system in my garage, it's awesome. Creek 4330 integrated, JSE Infinite Slope 1.8, Rega Planet with Audioquest Lapis and Midnight. Anyone else with a killer garage system?
Well, you got me beat. NAD7250PE receiver, NAD513 3-disc CDP, Denon LaserDisc player, Toshiba 20" TV, Toshiba HiFi VCR, B&W DM302 speakers, and AudioQuest ICS and Speaker cable. A mix between 2 channel audio and some video thrown in for good measure. Makes hangin' in the garage fun...Jeff
KLH Model Twenty-One radio with it's companion extension speaker.
1938 Zenite Long Distance AM radio!(made in the USA):-}
I have you all beat ! I have a used Toshiba truck radio with Radio Shack AC/DC converter. Speaker system is built into an open wall using a two way 6 1/2" auto speaker with a Vifa aluminum dome tweeter. You would be surprised how much bass comes out of a system that uses the wall to reduce vibration.
Kenwood receiver, Kenwood Tapedeck, four Polk Audio M3s. Sounds very good but can't hear it over the air compressor or the grinder. Yup I do use my garage for things other than parking the family truckster.
Tandberg tuner w/ volume control and a self powered Bell and Howell speaker from an old movie projector. We minimalists are alive and well/crazy? :.)
jm labs ultimate utopia, driven by 4 boulder 500 ae's, with an accuphase 75v cdp driven directly (custom multi-channel switch box from cdp to amps)........not really, but it'd be fun to try, if i could figure out how my bride, god love her, might avoid backin' into all them focal drivers. ;~) -kelly