The best feature I ever had

Hope this might hook a few people and tip me to the sma ething.It was and alarm clock.Ok I know this sounds stupid at first but it was an early 90's Yamaha AM/FM with a mini-plug for a portable CD player.Nice bass from YST circut.
But what made this one of he most "Why isn't every "X" made that way?" was that it had a chip which set allowed you to set the sleep fucntion at a lower volume than the one give to radio (or if you had inpuit and something set off on timer I suppose) when you woke up.This is such a an obvious way to make an alrm clock I am amazed that I have never seen another designed this way.It is such a no brainer since what will wake you up is too loud to let you get to sleep.
Things come up ocassionally that make me wonder what technological or cultural shift has taken place to make something appear of diaspear.To wit:what happened very recently to make motors so cheap that powered everything toothbrushes to razors availible at a disposable price.It seems like verything out there from spot removing fluid come with one of these brushes to even toilet brushes.Also remember "Clear" sold the way it did but now you can't find anything like it (I want clear dishliquid to make LP cleaner-who needs dies-but hen it might have been as bad with chemicals to make it cvlear like bleach via a vis my LP health.
But I digress.this clock was such a no-brainer I am ask if anybody has a clock or device like a ipod dock with same variable sleep verus wake let me know.Then I guess it'll be back to have your heard the Diamond tweeter or how does this chip am sound verus tubes.I lost the Yamaha radio and two speakaers on way trip to Israel (maybe I pawned it for Hostel room and Fallafel's-was a student travelling around).I gues there have been more imporatant technologies that have entered my life like the web but this has been bugging me for 15 years.
My old proton clock radio has a ramp-up volume which increases gradually to the volume it was left at, over about 10 sec. I think that there are current models that do the same.
Bose makes a radio/cdp that has an alarm feature that gradually wakes you up with incresing noise/sound/music as you choose. Great alarm clock
You can get these almost anywhere these days, we have a Emerson Research that has Auto-Set wich is great for power outage and has the slow wake feature.

Guys, I think you missed the point.

If I understand Chazz correctly, his long lost radio would drop the audio level by a half or third when put into sleep mode ( lullaby music ) for 30 to 60 minutes then go silent.

Then, just when you get to the good part of your dream, BAM!! , it scares the bejesus out of you at full volume! (slight exaggeration)

I do not use an alarm clock anymore. I seem to wake up at the same time every day (Damn!). Are there any manufacturers that implement this feature?

If I misunderstood the premise, please ignore.
Jamscience is the one that got it though it did not have ramp down featur.Just nice low level and in morning BAM!But I think there must have been those that had ramp down feature and I can't belive either diminsiing as you go to sleep or fixed to allow same that there isn't the same in many proiducts.It has to be out there it's such a no brainer!But you look at some products (most recently a JBL Ipod dock/clock and for $500 or some crazy amount i didn't have it.Guess I am going to have to find the one I had or spend rediculous ammount of time searching for something that makes as much sense as power steering or disc versus drum brakes.