the best electonic crossover???

Is it the FM Accoutic, Mark Levinson , Krell, Accuphase or else???
Did anyone have any experience or know something about the Krell KRX-1 x-over?
ECO's all change the sound in some way, generally not for the better. I find them acceptable, if only used on the low pass side at 500hz and under, generally they take away midrange bloom and transparency. But I suppose you know all that. I myself use an old Mark Levinson ( the man, not Madrigal) on Maggie Basspannels cut at 500hz to good effect. The unit is over 15 years old and never gave me any trouble.

The FM Accoustic, fiendishly expensive,is the best unit I have ever heard, veiling the midrange only very, very slightly, with a slight pinch of grain in the highs. It is very well built, expensive parts, TAS raved about it once, don't remember which issue. I tried Sony, various Brits stuff, ARC's, found them all unacceptable. Unfortunatedly, I have no experience with the Krells, neither with the Accuphases.
Sorry, so I can't really be of help. Hope there is more coming on this thread, because the topic interests me too.
Good luck!
I am looking into a crossover also. Pretty new to this though. I am thinking of biamping NHT 2.5i speakers. Is this what I would need?
The Dahlquist LP-1 electronic crossover is passive on the top side, putting ONLY a single capacitor between you and the music above the crossover point. The bottom side is elecronic at 18dB/octive, adjustable from 45 - 400 Hz. Somewhat rare to find but a true bargain compared to Krell, Threshold, Levinson, etc.
Yes of course, Elgordo, I should have thought of that. Its a near perfect solution. Can you still find them around ?Thanks for your input!
I have a Dahlquist LP-1 that I have not used in over a year.
I do have a very high opinion of it! I did a couple of things to replace it, Genesis 900 sub from my preamp, Two identical amps to run in Dual Parallel and just let the passive crossovers in my Mini-grands do the rest. This is the best method I have found. Send me an email if you would like more information on this.
while perhaps not as transparent (perhaps?) as the spendy x-overs mentioned, i highly recommend the marchand x-overs. not too expensive, (except for their tubed x-overs!), wery flexible, wery transparent.