The Best DIY Clones?

I would like your opinion on which are the best DIY designs that clone famous speakers, or even improve upon them? I don't have enough building skills myself, but I am curious about this scene.
Take a look at the speakers on They have clones of Proac and PMC. They look nice. And the prices are good.
Hifidreams: Thanks. The price is certainly right. I wonder if anyone here has compared their proac clones to proacs?

In my original message I wrote "DIY Clones" when I really meant DIY *OR* Clone speakers, the common ground being the hope of getting a better value. But that is interesting only if the absolute quality itself can be certified.

I am sure there are many other "unknown" (at least to me) geniuses building and offering great speakers and I hope to unearth at least a few other names.
By Googling around I came across Orion and Salk. (The Orion at 7k assembled is beyond my present budget but some revieweres have called it absolutely the best speaker in the world!)
Just wanted to add that the following looks very interesting as well:

His own favorite amon his designs appears to be "TJL":

Has anyone, made a purchase from Ornec? I would be very interested in your feedback.
Check out the diy speakers links page as well as the jpo linksat audio diy central.