The best digital hook up?

What is the best digital Hook up.I have all,including AT&T glass Thanks Mike
I have read in Stereophile for example that I2S is the best (AudioAlchemy, Muse I think use this)'s like a computer grade hookup.

You'd have to listen to them. I personally do not believe there is much difference between digital hookup methods, based on casual comparisons between coax and optical methods.
I would have to disagree with you on the subject of digital hookup methods.I have notice a big difference between a coax and a optical hook up.Coax has a better sound then a toslink connection.The better quality the coax the better the sound.Im not sure abought the AT&T.I heard it is the best.Thanks for your input.Mike
xmikex: i think you will find that a good quality at&t link will outperform coax of any quality; at least that's true in my digital setup. if you have aes/ebu connection capability, i would also audition a high quaility link of that variety; it might sound even better than at&t.
My understanding is that I2Se (I2S enhanced) is the lowest jitter transmission format out there right now, having three discrete coaxial elements, but it is generally limited to SF and Assemblage products.
I have tried several different methods with different equipment and found they all perform differently. In one set-up toslink (a cheap one at that) outperformed a moderately priced digital coax cable. Currently I'm getting my best results with AES/EBU connection, but I've read a number of prior posts that say this is worst type of digital connection. However, different manufacturers recommend different connections for their equipment. I have never tried the I2S or e version--but I have tried all the others--I think it really depends on your equipment and a little experimentation. The Cable Companie's library is very good for helping figure out what works best for your system. Get one good cable for each connection and try it.