The Best DeKay - Copper or Silver Wire?

Sorry, I just wanted a thread started with my moniker used in the title (I was envious of Cornfedboy). Go for it though, Steve, if you have anything to add.
i don't know how many times it needs to be said, but the choice of wire is highly subjective. i've tried the silver dekay and copper dekay in a number of configurations. they're both painfully strident, tho either is clearly preferable to the tooth dekay. -kelly
Kelly, I finally got to disagree with you. Tooth dekay is not a problem compared to ear dekay. Tooth dekay may be avoided by laying off sweets, while sweet music, the cause of ear dekay is as certain as death, taxes and Audiogon!
Doesn't much matter. 18 gauge copper dekay sounds the same as 18 gauge silver dekay. Doug
Well why we are on the topic of disagreeing Albert I would like to clarify something, tooth dekay is not caused by sweets, contrary to popular belief. Tooth dekay is caused by starches which are partially digested by your saliva; saliva does not cause any chemical changes to any form of sucrose, glucose, etc. hence it does NO damage to your teeth. I am sure ear dekay may be accelerated with starchy music. But I will need scientific proof to believe that any thing being said is true(not just here) because I am not capable of thinking for myself.
Well, I am quite surprised that a thread started solely as a lark is quickly turning into a body of concrete scientific evidence. Geez, I hope that I won't require tooth bonding as an after mass.
I wonder if Kublakhan was using copper or silver when he blew his girlfriend across the room. Perhaps he will enlighten us. Doug
Important new data provided by Tireguy, has indicated the problem is starchy music, rather than sweet.
I suggest a hit list that warns against ear Dekay. I will begin with the first that come to mind:

"Cornbread" Lee Morgan
"Potato Head Blues" Louis Armstrong
"Bread and Butter" Newbeats
"Bean Soup" Coleman Hawkins
"Yams" Herbie Hancock
"Bean a Re Bop" Miles Davis
"Rice Pudding" Jeff Beck
"Spaghetti Western" Hoodoo Gurus

And certainly, ANYTHING done by Korn.
Dekay, you can also throw out all of those "Bread" recordings. Doug
If I have to throw out "Bread" I might as well toss all of the "America" CD's as well (sorry Tom W.).
I know all my dekays exist because I just looked at, touched, and even smelled (surprisingly neutral for a dekay) all my dekays just this morning, and I trust my senses. Cheers. Craig. stay on topic, my IC dekays are silver wrapped copper. Speaker dekays are a whole bunch of nines copper.
I did extensive testing of the DeKay silver speaker cables and found them to be the best of the lot tested, followed, in order, by the De-L, De-M, De-N, De-O and De-P cables, respectively. And you thought this post couldn't get worse.......
Being a Dental tech (ceramist) all help you all i can Dekay.
Has far has cables go dekaying copper works fine.which steve are you referring too.
It,s morning here now 7.30 am and the first time i read the thread i did not catch it.Now since i had my coffee and reread some threads it all make sence.
Dekay the next thread i start well start with Dekaying.......
This is one of the best Dekays I've seen since Audiogon implemented their decay system. Cheers. craig.