The best deal on audiogon right now

No affiliation with this seller at all. But there is a pair of PMC fact 8 speakers for sale for $6500. These speakers may not look like they retail for $12000, but they do and they are worth every penny. They will crush anything out there for the same money. IMO, mids and highs dont get any better regardless of price. State of the art speakers and they look gorgeous and don't dominate your room.
Speculation and opinion.

"They will crush anything out there for the same money"

A bit extreme, but if you must, you must......

Jaxwired - I know that you're sincere in your praise of these speakers, but if you think that the mids don't get any better you should hear the fact.12s with its dedicated dome midrange driver!
10-20-14: Czarivey

they may be scams too.

I agree, with so many scams it's getting harder to differ what is and what isn't even when it comes to selling. If they use PayPal watch out. So many members id's being hijacked still, I almost got scammed recently. Did the norm back checks but these scammers are getting better, some will even talk with you. What seemed to mess this person up was I asked for a picture to be sent to me with todays news paper. All communication ended.
PMC's builds great speaker I had the FB1i and really like them, It has been mentioned, in other thread, that the best way to own PMC speakers is through the used market anyone eeking to grab the Fact 8 listed just need to be careful.
Beware a guy tried to sell me Magico Q3s for $18,500.00 these speakers were not there he wanted me to wire money to Germany.
Not sure if they're the best deal on the 'Gon right now, but I'm another fan of PMC speakers. I have a pair of the PB1i and they are outstanding.
Hey Jax it's George
I know your a fan of the PMC's but there are a pair of Raidho D5's for 82,950. Retail is 220,000. But you need the right room for those monsters. He is ligit (the professor from AS)
On a totally different price scale, but here's the best deal on speakers on Audiogon that I have seen recently. I own a pair and for $850 this is a steal! (No affiliation with seller).
I agree Frogman.
Glad they would overpower my condo space and are so far from St. Paul I don't feel bad about not buying them.
As a plus, they live in one of the nicer'burbs of my hometown so have been kharmatized by the air there.
PMC makes great speakers, but at the stated price, I'd think hard about.....

Sound Lab.

I find that Sound Lab offers on this site are always tempting because (I presume) there are so few buyers who can accommodate the huge panels that discounts get steep in a hurry. Right now, there's a pair of A-1s listed here at just under $6k, a bit cheaper than the PMCs. You might prefer the Fact 8, but I'm not at all sure which speaker I'd bet on to crush the other in a head to head audition.