The best DAC, Museatex Bitstream

I have good and bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?:)

The good news I will tell you to stop searching for a DAC.
The bad news is they are very hard to find.

Check out

No USB, no DSD, no bells and whistles. However, if the only thing that matter for you is music, then try to buy one of these.

Just so you know, this is my opinion :)
Yes, we all have opinions.

You haven’t said that you’ve actually listed to this, its sound characteristics, or how it compares with anything else.
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True I did not.

Everything sounds more organic, analog, LP like. The instruments sound more real. The soundstage is bigger. The vocals are smooth. It is detailed yet not bright.

Above all, the thing I care most is that I sit down and just enjoy music more than before.

I have owned/heard, DCS, Schiit Audio DACs,Gustard X20 Pro,etc. etc.
That brings back memories...
Doesn't this have a "Bi-DAC"? up to a certain volume it uses a regular "ladder" DAC then switches over to a "Sigma-Delta" to decode louder (higher amplitude) material? Maybe it's frequency and not amplitude I'm thinking about. Quite clever but I don't see a lot of others using the concept. 
What's your budget. Schiit Gungnir multibit very hood soundjng in the  $1200
-range . The PS audio flagship for around $4'500 or less is very good sounding
The quality of your digital cable matters a lot. I am usin great the AQ Diamond 
Very good at a bringing a refined presentation.  For Vacuum tube Lapizotor 
Is Top notch.