The best classic reel to reel tape recorders

Hi fellow Audiogoners - I am interested in adding a classsic reel to reel tape recorder to my system. I have heard great things about the Technics 1506 and OTARI 5050 B2 but am open to all suggestions. I currently use a Revox A77 1/4 track machine. I welcome your timely feedback.
Back in the 70's and early 80's, I sold both Teac/Tascam and Revox. I always felt the Revox was the better sounding machine. Keep the Revox and save yourself some money.
I owned the A-77 and the Technics 1506 / 1502. I bought the 2 track head assembly. Hard to remember the sound from such a long time ago, but I liked the build quality, size and design of the A-77 best. Still have the 1506 in a closet. Sold the two A-77s years ago. Suggest you keep the Revox.
The Technics almost certainly has a better transport, and whichever deck you use probably should have its playback electronics replaced or modded. Given that and the fact that there are probably more good sounding aftermarket playback sets for the Technics than the Revox, I'd strongly suggest that (depending on your budget).
Revoxs are top-quality decks, and expensive to repair. The *best* sounding home reel deck I've ever heard was the Tandberg TD-20A SE with the DynEQ ActiLinear circuits. Those decks sounded *superb*!!

Decades ago, I briefly owned an Ampex tube unit-- one of those "portable" 40 lb reel machines with a carry handle. Before the belts liqified, I used it for a while. Never quite heard anything in reels that sounded better.

I still own and use a Technics 1500 and an Otari MX 5050. When I bought the decks I also bought new rubber rollers, that's very important. If you can't buy the rubber don't buy the deck. The Technics is 2 track and the playback always sounds better than the original recording, but that's at the expense of tape. The Otari sounds as good as the CD used to make the recording and it uses less tape. I like both of them.
The best reel to reel's back in the late 60's and 70's were
deck's from Roberts, Akai, Sony and TEAC. These four were considered the very best from that time period.