The Best City to audition High end and Vintage Audio

Seoul is the best place to audition high end and vintage audio.

There are three places that I can recommend.

The first one is Yongsan Electronic Center which used to house more than 100 audio shops but only 50 remaining now.

The second one is I-Park mall located in Yongsan train station which is 1 km away from the first one.

The third one is Seocho Electronic Center which houses around 30 audio shops located in Gangnam District(Gangnam Style) 

Above photo is a vintage shop in Seocho Electronic center

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I don't think there is anywhere in the USA where there is a concentration of shops.
You are right!

It is possible to go through more than 100 brands in one floor over there.
Frostbite Falls, Minnesota 
The Adelphi in Singapore is very impressive. The Akihabara district of Tokyo is also well worth a visit. Stereo Exchange in New York City used to have a good selection of new and used HiFi.
Akihabara and Adelphi are also nice places.

Yongsan Electronic center used to be very big but had dwindled to half of it used to be during  recent 10 years.

If you haven't been to Akihabara  you've never been to a audio stotre !
I had been to Akihabra on 1980.

It was a quite experience with so many shops and goods.
They say if you haven't been to Tokyo you haven't been to a city.
Would anyone confirm this ?
"They say if you haven't been to Tokyo you haven't been to a city.
Would anyone confirm this ?"

If you mean do the Japanese say this , I have no idea .If you mean the rest of us , about 50 million tourists a year do .
I mean "the rest of us", yes. I sympathize with Japanese - 50 million tourists a year must be terrible.
On 1980, I had been to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya, Tokyo and Hakone( Mt Fuji) for 10 days.

I had lot of fun and chance to visit Akihabara.

Since then I visited Tokyo three times more, two on business and another to visit my Japanese friend.

I had never been back to Akihabara again.

So I am curious how it changed almost 40 years after my visit.
Well shong78, Taking Chicago as a mid-point ,Japan Airlines will round-trip you non-stop to Tokyo on 01/02/19 for $ 1,149 economy .Flight time is 13:20 hrs on 777-300 ER .
The best place is Chicago/Schaumburg IL USA during the Axpona Audio show in April. Many rooms are outstanding while most are very good.
Munich show is FAR better as in night and day .
I agree on that Munich Audio is the best audio show right now.

Silbatone ( my friend’s HEA company) only attend the Munich show to show off their amplifiers and vintage Western Big horn.

About 10 years ago, they attended Las Vegas CES show but not any more.

HEA is dying in US,

I watched Munich Show through only You tube.

In a year or two, I wish to attend the show myself.

Good to know you know the Silbatone team. I have their 9018 DAC that is unexpectly poor performing in terms of tone and noise compared to 1794 DACs and 9038Pros.  Maybe I can find answers through you.
London UK had Tottenham Court Road, in the city centre, not sure if that is the case now, although there is a damn fine vegetarian curry house very near by. That is still there!.......
Seoul is the best place to audition high end and vintage audio
.this true. Seoul Korea best of all places.
And WADIA Best audio equipments!