The Best Cities & States to Find High End Gear

Not everyone comes to Audiogon (unfortunately) to list their used gear, many are content to sell it on Craigs List at the expense of getting the best and highest value for it. Just curious, what are the best cities and states to find high end audiophile gear?  I'm in Philadelphia so I usually just search the East Coast and recently saw that Maine had some interesting gear for sale there.
Craigslist???!!! Really???!!!

1) US Audiomart
2) Canuck Audiomart
3) Audio Asylum Trader
4) Ebay

HiFi Shark will lead you to an item on ANY site.

I sell more on 1 & 3 than I do on AudiogoN!! 
I've never used Craigslist (too many loons).
+1 jmcgrogan. Craigslist is a crapshoot that might just put you in touch with someone suffering from Methadone withdrawl.
Hifi Shark list almost all listings.(It can miss a few).
Ebay is great for buying beat up junk.Good luck.
I wouldn't trash Ebay altogether. 
I sell a lot on Ebay, and my equipment is hardly 'beat up'.
Due diligence is required, and for the most part, Paypal and Ebay are on the buyer's side. 
I agree with all of the above websites; never been on HiFi Shark and will check that out.  You would be surprised of the bargains that can be had on CL though because people just want to get rid of stuff there.  Several years ago I bought a pair of Paisley Research AE500's for $75.  They are super rare, incredible cabinets and sonically on par with ProAc Response 2's and Celestion SL700's, IMHO; by far the best sounding speakers I ever owned.  I recently sold them for almost 5X more because were just too big for my new listening environment. 
Craigslist is high risk, high reward. Yes, you may find a screaming good deal with some woman selling her husband's gear cheap when she's pissed at him. You may also find a criminal looking to rob you.

For those who like to live dangerously. ;^)
Best state- California (because it is so massive and millions of people live there for better/worse).

Best City- Dallas TX & Raleigh NC. Excellent Audio shops in both locations.

As above, I use Audiogon, Audio Asylum, CL and eBay to the same pretty good effect.
Agreed jafant, Los Angeles in particular. In the late 90's I found a set of 13 ASC tube traps, sizes 9", 11", and 15", in The Recycler for ten bucks apiece!
A good brick and mortar store in Portland Oregon is echo audio
chech out their web site
Echo in Portland is pretty good, as is Pearl Audio-Video (Magnepan, Ayre, Mac, Linn, Rega, Project, Magico, Dynaudio, REL).