The best CD-R for professional burner

I'm looking for the best cd-r for a professional grade recorder. Meaning that I can use the less expensive computer CD-R's and I dont need to use write protected (and more expensive)discs. I'm confused be all the different colors and "qualities" available, and I need some advice. All I'm looking for is the best possible audio reproduction.

The Marantz Pro models are nice. I bought a CDR-631 for $450 new from american digital. I've used several different types of blanks in it, all with good results. Currently, I've been using a LOT of Kyphermedia 80-minute blanks because they are SUPER CHEAP (~18 cents each).
I use a Tascam CDRW 5000, and it makes real nice copies. Whatever CDR you buy, make sure that you get Mitsui Gold (blank)CDRs, they are very good.
check out the NAD 660 dual disc cd burner ..
it is superb ... it list for $1000.00 we sell it for $829.00 --you can see it on our showcase on audiogon or at
and the Mitsui Gold blanks are great ....

you can also see the Tascam units on our showcase

good luck
good listening
The best one that I've used for my Marantz recorder is the Mitsui Golds also (74 Min.) They are very consistent.

Joe Lienhard
For the inside information on CDR blanks go to this site:

Regarding stand alone CDR's the most affordable and best d to d unit is the HHB 830 burn it. If you are looking to go a to d then try Sony's cdr 33 or 66. If you want the ultimate a to d look at Alesis 96/24. It is a propritary unit that can record 16/44 thru 24/96 on blank CDR's. They are available for around $999.00, on sale.
Thanks guys!

I went for the Alesis Masterlink (SWEET!), and after lots of research and digging I got it for 899$ with free shipping!!! at BPM Music (, these guys are great to deal with and very responsive to your e-mails.

And, as I see above... I guess I'll be using Mitsui gold CDR's

Cheers to all!!!
The Quantegy professional CDRs are also excellent... If you are also looking for a 24/96 A/D, check out the Apogee Rosetta. It can be had for around another $1K and will be superior to the internal DACs.
All my mitsui golds are peeling. I have A LOT of burned cds and way too many of the mitsuis are falling apart with time and I never treat them roughly other than to put them into a cd book. I've have very good experience with Kodak gold or the new kodak "champagne" cds.
Enjoy the masterlink and when you go a-d 24/96 let us know your results.