The Best CD player under $1000.

I am searching a best affordable CD player under $1000, for my set of Mcintosh MA6500, Tannoy D700, and Nordost Red Dawn interconnect and speaker cables. Is there any advice. Thanks for input.
Stereophile rated a $900 Marantz into Class A so I would assume that would be a player you should consider...Music Direct sells them........
I've been looking at this range of players for quite a while and although some are a bit over one grand, this is what is on my list: Rotel 1072, Music Hall 25.2, Cayin CD 50T, Cambridge 740C. Most Audiogoners will tell you not to bother and just get a low price player and seperate DAC. Probably sensible advice, but I like to keep the system simple. Perhaps someone else has compared these players directly and can advise us.
I can't say it's "the best" and I do undserstand some folk's aversion to modified players, but I can tell you that my Oppo 970H modified by Ric Shultz at EVS ( is exceptional and it was way under $1000. Heck, last one I saw for sale on AgoN was under $400. It is better than several $1000-$2000 players I owned in the past, plus it has added functionality like SACD, DVD-A and DVD-V playback. It also has built-in remote volume control so you can connect it directly to a power amp, thereby potentially saving even more money by getting rid of a pre-amp (in a single CD source system).

I replaced a Resolution Audio Opus 21 with the mod'd Oppo and it gave up very little to the Opus 21 (which is a fantastic CD player). No, I wouldn't trade a Resolution Audio Opus 21 for a mod'd Oppo, but a mod'd Oppo from Rick Schultz at EVS would be good enough for me up until my system value went up to about the $10K range....

BTW, I'm likely going to buy the new Oppo Blue Ray player and have it mod'd by Ric Shultz.


Before parting with 1k, you might want to try this $30 Playstation 1 - is was better than my $2200 Toshiba DVD player. A hifi magazine said you have to spend over $6000 to better it.
I have the ROTEL RCD1072
It was TAD's product of the year a few years back.
I love this player, have had it for 2 yrs now, was going to get a musical fidelity, but I'm so glad I have the rotel. And they are on e-bay and audiogon for less then 500.00$ cannot go wrong
I spent exactly $1000- for a Sony 777ES used as a transport to a Krell DAC. The sound is amazing and although I have heard better the cost is usually $2500 plus. I rue the day I must give up the Sony.
I'm not sure if it's the "best" under $1000 CD deck, but I think my Rotel RCD-1072 is an outstanding player. Very "analog" sounding, totally musical, and very true to the timbre of the instruments and the singers.
I have a Rotel 1072 as well. A steal at $400 - $500, and I've heard the new Rotel CDP, the Bryston, the Rega Apollo, and a few others. I like it with and without my Dac1. It's your money and your ears though.
I second Gonglee3's post Sony PS1 for $30.00 will blow away many, many high end CDP's.
Marantz basic SACD players - 8260, 8001, 8003, etc are absolutely amazing. I have used my 8260 for the past 4 years and luv it. I wish Marantz had included HDCD in this series of players.
Very easy to answer: How about a $5000 universal player that's built like a tank with all of the most current technology and one of THE BEST ever DVD players to boot ?

Lexicon RT-20. Sold used on these forums for about $900 - $1000

Insanely good Redbook CD player

Check out Absolute Sound's review.
Lexicon RT-20

"Universal" but no Blu Ray play. Best call it an almost universal player.
Here on the forum has a lot of threads talking about that, but the Arcam CD73 at $900 is a good cd player. Check the review on this forum.
A friend of mine has a Rotel 1520 that sounds smooth, detailed, and musical with her B+W 805s. And it's built very solidly.

However, for $900 you could get a very good USB DAC (like the Wavelength Proton) and have better sound than a comparably priced CD player and all the convenience of running your system from a computer. That's the route I've gone (with a PS Audio DL III -- I would love to try the Wavelength however since I understand it essentially eliminates jitter from the USB connection).