The best CD player for...

me and my system.
I am currently in search of a new cd player to replace my 10 years old Sony-???, which is now the weakest link in my system with PLINIUS 9200 amp and SHAHINIAN ARCs speakers.
The price for new player must be around 2500$, but
I would prefer to purchase a used one in mint or excellent, perfect condition. I listen to all kind of music, from classical, jazz to rock,...
Any suggestions apart from Arcam 33/36, Naim CD5x, Copland CDA 823, Audio Aero Prima, Musical Fidelity A5,....?
I would go for Plinius CD101, but it is way to expensive and relative new, so you can't find them on the market for a reasonable price.
So any recommendations?

Thanks a lot in advance
Simaudio Equinox or Classe CDP10 should be on your list.
The A5 is a great player, but I think the tubes are solder'd in place wich may or may not be an issue for you.
the aloia 11.01 is pretty amazing.... the transport is crazy good and as a all-in-one cdp is one of the best.

Congrats on your Plinius and Arcs - a great combo.

You don't list sonic preferences BTW, but these suggestions play all types of music well IMO.


Cary 303/300
Cary 306/200
Ayre CX7e
Lector 7T
Meridian 508.24

You already have the Audio Aero & MF A5 on your list.
Try a used Linn Ikemi!

Good Luck!*>)
Welcome to the world of Shahinian speakers.
My ARC's will be around for a long long time.
Not that it matters but the AH! Njoe 4000 (with upgrades) sounds all right to me in my system. I say not that it matters becasue I've never heard another unit in my system.