The best cables for a Levinson set

I own a Levinson power amp 23.5 and a pre amp. 380s.
Which cabel wil be the best match. I'm talking about innerconnects (xlr), digital cabel and speaker cabel.
My taste in sound is: holografic, transparant, large sound stage and want like make to my speakers vanish.

Someone adviced me Harmonic Technology: Pro-Silway MKII ??
Does everybody agree? or what's you're advice??? same price range. Please help me out.....

Thanks.... Alex
Hi, I have a Levinson #334, #380 and #39. I just changed to Pro silway II from my amp to pre-amp and Magic from my CD player to pre-amp, both are XLR. I had Audioquest Diamond X3 before. The Harmonic cables are MUCH more revealing and detailed. I am using Audioqest Dragon speaker cable, but I am going demo the Magic Speaker cables.
Good Luck,
I have Levinson gear and have settled with the Pure Note Epsilon cables. Really trick with the alloy jackets and they are very transparent. I did a three hour listening session yesterday and was amazed at speed of the speaker cables (you can hear the air around a singer's lips). Check them out: