The best cable for my system Interconnect and SPKR

Here is my curent system : Yba 2 Preamp, Yba 1 CD, YBA 2HCDT Amp, and JMlab Mini Utopia Speaker. What would you recommend for my system no price limit and no hold bared. ( Exept the 30K transparent and the siltech G5 at 23K)
Try out Jena Labs high end cables, it is rumored that people are running away from their Nordost Valhalla in groves for these cables, and at a fraction of the price! I am going to upgrade to these cables in spring, hopfully price won't go up as the secret becomes more well known. Try them and I am sure you will NOT be disappointed. Good luck.
They should be careful they don't smack into a tree running around in those groves.
Another company is Pure Note. Lots of folks on the "Asylum" endorse these, replacing Nordost Valhalla and Siltech Compass Lake. The i/c's are under $1000 and extremely well made. If you are looking for musical purity these are the hot ticket.
I would like to recommend the OTA Cable Kit from 47 Labs, but unfortunatly, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.