The best bookshelfs

I'm looking for some great bookshelfs for use as surround side speakers. I'm currently thinking of the Revel m20 but am open to suggestions. I listen to about 50% movies and 50% multi-channel music. Everything is powered by an Aragon 2005. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
How much do you want to spend?
No real price point, but would like the best bang for the buck.
What brand are your front three?
Ridge Street Audio speakers

Harmonic Technology Caravelles

Talon Falcon
Merlin tsm. Either the mm or mx. In my opine beats anything mentioned above. Beats most towers except for low octaves. I've owned nautilus 805s, sig 805s, revel m20s, sf cremona auditors. tsm's whip them.
Right now I'm using Aperion 633t's with a 533vac center, I'm slowly upgrading and want to start with some good surrounds.
Ascend Acoustic CBM-170 for ~$325.00 will give the Revel a run for their money. You may even like them better since they aren't run 180 degrees out of phase. A lot of Revel owners ditch them once they pick up on this problem IMHO.