The best bookshelf speaker

Does anybody know out of these speakers which one is the best. Totem mani-2, Platinum audio solo/reference2, or B&W silver signature 25. I have owned the Mani-2's but are any of the others better. Also I was wondering if anybody has info on the platinum audio reference speakers.
I would stick with the Totem's! or look at Merlin TSM's-if you have not heard of them, look at the reviews of Merlin Speakers- unbelievable sound/build quality! Do not do B&W unless you have absolutly no oppinions of what you like and just want to get good but overpriced and over marketed speakers that look ok. Do the Eggleston two way and get real drivers/quality before B&W. Don't get me wrong, B&W is good but it's the safe way to go if you know nothing about audio just like Krell and Mark Levenson.
Check out the Paradigm Active 20. It is an incredible speaker. Look at the reviews on
I owned the Mani's and thought they were very good as long as powered properly. I have also owned SF Electa Amator 1's JM lab Mini Utopia's and JM Reynaud Offrande's. I think these are also all very good speakers.
I currently own the Piega P2ltd and in the context of my system and my tastes these are my favorite. I am quite smitten.
I would strongly encourage you to seek an audition.
thanks for your responses. But if I can find a pair of the platinum audio reference would they be a contender. Also does anybody know about the Tyler Linbrook monitors. How would they compare with the rest of the good monitors out there.
Contrary (happily) to what Mahandave believes, B&W makes some of the best loudspeakers on the planet. ALso contrary to Mahandave (again, happliy), a Krell product is not crap just because it is a Krell product- it may be crap (for the money)(or just plain crap period) but not solely because Krell manufactured it. Similarly, Mark Levinson definately makes some of the best products in the world (see Levinson, Madrigal, Mark Levinson, Red Rose Music) and just because a product is popular with the high dollar gang, does not mean that the "enlightened" jaded, poorer but somehow all-knowing audiophile (I'm assuming that Mahandave sees himself this way) is correct in asserting that it is "too popular". Perhaps. Perhaps not. But back to my topic, I own Nautilus 805 speakers from B&W. I love them. Are there better speakers on the planet? No. Just kidding. OF COURSE THERE ARE!!!. For retail US $2k... I doubt it.

My experience (check the feedback if you question my experience or ethical MO) is that I would suggest to you that the speakers you mentioned are all significantly different such that any opinions offered would be just that- Opinions. It's like saying which is better, Joseph Audio or Meadowlark Audio. I'm sure that there are rabid proponents of each. I heard similarly priced models side by side, and preferred one over the other by a wide margin. But this was with one set of gear. With a different set of interconnects, it could have swung the other way. IF you're looking for speakers, I say, take a trip to hear some speakers. You might find some other speakers along your quest that you come back to later (like me and my 805s, which I heard while looking for a "big" speaker). It is entirely possible that you will find the set of speakers you "want" to like, and not like them at all. Or, maybe they'll totally light your fire. I think that posts like the one from Mahandave should be taken with a grain of salt. Guides like and Stereophile's recommended components are certainly a good place to start. I would suggest, if you have the scratch, that you narrow down your list a bit, and then use (unless you have local dealers) to find a mail order company that carries at least 2 of the brands. Speak to the dealer, and (here's where the $$ comes in) have him or her send you the demo pairs of the speakers you are considering and decide in your home. Unless they are Utopias or Dunlavy 4s or Wilsons the shipping will probably be less then a couple of hundred $, and you will have gotten to hear them with your gear in your room.

I hope that this rant at the very least, inspires you to consider your own opinion as the most important, and to take all advise (even mine, chum)with a humongous grain of salt.
I have had the Platinum Audio Reference 1 loudspeakers in my system for about two years now. I think I may have gotten the last pair ever made.

I absolutely love them. When auditioning, I got a chance to compare the Solo's to the Mani-2's and preferred the Totems, but not by much. I also was able to compare the Solo's and the Reference 1's side by side. My speaker budget after this went form 2k to 4k because I fell in love with the Ref. 1's. I can't imagine what the Ref. 2's would have sounded like.

- Charlie
I didn't have a chance to compare the Ref. 1's and Mani's directly, but my reaction to them was quite different.

I listened to the Mani's first and liked what I heard. Amazing bass for a monitor, an impressive soundstage, clean, clear, and detailed.

When I first heard the Ref. 1's, I was blown away. While the bass didn't go quite as low as the Mani's, the bass that was there was glorious. Besides the bass, it was the midrange that really caught my ear. Joni Mitchell was right there in front of me. The Ref. 1's also handled large scale classical music exceptionally well for a small speaker. I also find them to be very elegant looking, especially with more modern decor.

In essence, the Mani's impressed the heck out of me, but the Ref. 1's moved me in a big way.