the best ''Best of'' Thread

Whats the best "Best of" thread you've read?.
This one (at risk of spawning an endless loop)
I am reading it as I type this response to it.
I agree with Br3098. I have read many "best of" as well as "worst of" threads and this one seems to encapsulate all the emotions from blah to glee filled mind stimulus.
I remember those days of olds when some threads had titles that didn't spark the least amount of interest to expend the effort required to click on to open. But the curiousity meter pegged and I clicked on this one so fast that I am still not sure if I actually clicked on it or if I was an instrument of some force by which I will forever be haunted. Thank You this was no no better than grand, serendipitous, yes thank you, this truley is the the Best of the "best of" threads I have ever had the opportunity to partake in....except that one about the best of re-mastered vinyl, oh oh and the best of TV ads with audio gear in the scenery. Now that one, well what can I say that one changed my life. I remember that for weeks after I would re-read it and lay in bed thinking, what a great thread, I'd get up and walk around the house unable to sleep, just filled with the urge to defecate. But this one hangs right in there, yep. I like it.....I Like it a lot!! Gee now I am not so sure......I am building a multitude of mixed emotions....let me sleep on it, I'll get back to you in a day or two.

(the preceding was meant as humor only in and no way intended to be insulting and no animals were injured or tramatized in the writing of this reply, except the rabbit and he is just overly sensative ever since the coyote show on the Discover Channel)
At least Theo's response provided *me* some entertainment, hence, a worthwhile stop, and at least another opportunity to deploy the word "hence" into a sentence.
Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh, you said hence !!!!!
I think my favorite best of thread was really a worst of, " your worst WAF incident". Hence this response. Poor fellow lost an icebox full of food and all his browny points, even worse the beer had likely gotten warm.
How about your best audiophile plunder?