The best Beatles recording on CD

Hi! I'm planning to buy the whole Beatles catalog on CD. I own some vinyl, but in between TT's right now, so I would appreciate your suggestions for the best recorded CD editions ( no Beatles SACD in sight anytime soon, I guess). Regards.
The simple answer is the most recent ones in respect to the fact that they've been mastered with the newer technology.

These are One,a compilation of their number ones and Let It Be Naked which is a new release but has great sonics.

Before that you have the Anthology series which were otttakes.

The official albums would clearly benefit from remastering as One indicates.
Thanks, Ben! Actually, I have "Let It Be... naked", great recording.
I've been holding off buying the Beatle CDs in hopes there will soon be SACD hybrid remasters like the recent ones from the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. Has anyone heard if there are plans to do that?
Actually there are better, but a surprise one is "Day Tripper"
Doesnt Michael Jackson still own the rights to the Beatles material?
That could be a problem if still true.
He has some of the songs, not the recordings.

Yellow Submarine was remastered recently, IIRC, and was supposed to be quite good.

Try Anthology III. I normally hate these sort of albums, but the performances- and the sound- are remarkable on this one.
The 24bit mastered Japanese version of "One" is worth a listen.