The best band? Maybe not BUT...........

Let's hear what bands or musicians you think were not necessarily the best but should have gotten much more recognition for their talent. For example: a really good drummer who was in a really crappy band and never got the attention they deserved. Or a band that had great music but the timing or managing was all wrong.
The Tragically Hip, huge success in Canada and Europe for many years now, unknown in the U.S.A. A mystery....Take a listen, intelligent rock, done with passion. JL
CREED! Check out "My Own Prison"(C.D. only) or Human Clay(ON VINYL TOO,YEA!!)
I think Missing Persons could have been really great if they would have stuck with it and maybe drifted more towards a King Crimson progressive style. I also really love Aimee Mann. She is great.
Timothy Mahoney from the metal/rap group 311 is an absolutely incredible guitar player. I have seen them many times and each time I am floored by how well the man plays the guitar. Listening to their CD's just doesn't do him justice, but once he gets to perform out. He holds nothing back and his solo's are worth the ticket price alone.
Bill Quateman - a Chicago player (no pun) from the '70s played some of the best urban (just a guy from the neighborhood) rock'n roll, funky sweet kind of sounds and I miss him... (can't find him on CD... wazup with THAT?) Also loved Tufano & Giamarcie (spelling?) (played with the Buckinghams or someone) Killer album can't find anywhere (cover of "I'm a Loser" will make you weep).. My 2-cents